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Grado RS1 and Creek Audio OBH-11 Price Drop

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by erikesp, Jun 28, 2012.
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  1. Erikesp
    For Sale
    Up for sale is my beloved pair of Grado RS1's and a Creek Audio OBH-11 amplifier.  Both are in excellent condition and work flawlessly.  I have original box for both and original receipt for RS1's.  I am the second owner of the RS1's and have put 10 hrs on them since I have had them.  Purchased them locally and original owner used them very little.  They sound really great with the creek amp. I purchased the creek amp new and also purchased the upgraded (at the time) power supply OBH-2 (cost almost $200).  Only selling to help fund a big purchase in another hobby.  This is my first sale on this forum but I do have positive feedback as a buyer and 100% perfect rating on ebay since 90's.  Price is $599.00 +10 shipping to Con US.  International shipping will be $45.00 flat rate. 
    $500.00 shipped and paypaled
  2. Erikesp
    PRICE REDUCED to $550.00 shipped to Con US.  + $45.00 shipping internationally.
  3. Erikesp
    Price reduced to $525.00 shipped to con us.
  4. stece
    PM sent. THX!
  5. stece
    payment sent! thanks!
  6. GoodToGo1
    Is this gone?
  7. Erikesp
    Yes it sold last month
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