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Grado RS 1 mint, rarely used, from collector, over e-Bay

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by ursdiego, Jun 19, 2012.
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  1. ursdiego
    For Sale
    Hi there dear fellows!
    I am selling my Grado RS 1 Reference series.
    It is in mint, almost like new condition. For details about the external condition: refer to the pictures. I bought it from a collector, and I did only test it once or twice, since then, it has beeing stored in my non smoking household.
    I am selling it, because I need a high-ohm model, to fit on my preamp. I have to sell my Grado for that...
    Its rarely used, just decently broken in. And on my previous head-phone-amp, which was an audio-gd, it sounded just awesome. Exactly how it is to be expected based on all the amazing expert reviews it got.
    Auction number 140871666116

    (you can paste this auction number into the e-Bay search engine of any e-Bay site)

    Or just click here, for example:
    here for Germany (starting at 405 €)
    or here for USA: (starting at 525 US$)
    or here for Switzerland: (starting at 490 CHF)
    or here for UK (327 £):
    Right now, it goes for the modest starting price of only 405 € !
    I will ship to anywhere in the world, where insured shipping is possible. Shipping charges are just postag for insured delivery. Payment can be done through Paypal, moneybookers or by wire transfer.
    To EU-buyers: I can send it out from a German DHL post office, so in Germany and as far as I know, all over the EU, no customs etc. However, it will take a couple of days to get an opportunity to bring it over to Germany to ship it.
    Cheers! Urs
  2. ursdiego
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