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Grado RS-1 Headphones Price Drop!! Includes Shipping

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by jayb, Jun 29, 2012.
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  1. jayB
    For Sale
    Hi folks,
    With a bit of a heavy heart I've decided to part with my beloved Grado RS-1's.  This is the older type with he buttons on the grills.  (See photos) 
    I just simply don't use them enough and could use the money for other things.  I have the original box from Grado as well as the Grado 1/4 adapter.
    These have been well cared for in an all Naim  based headphone system in my office, and have had very little use. 
    I don't have a ton of feedback here as I tend to keep things once I buy them and don't do alot of re-selling.  That being said you can check my prior transactions here or on ebay under brunt455.  Please buy with confidence.
    I'm asking $325 which will include shipping anywhere in North America.
    My camera isn't the best but I think the photos will show these are in excellent shape.
    Thought I'd see if someone here wants them before I send them to Audiogon.
    Please PM with any questions.
    Can do paypal, Money Order or Check.  (Personal checks would have to clear obviously)
  2. parbaked
  3. jayB
    Wow, HUGE response folks, sale is pending, will keep all posted here.  Thanks!
  4. jayB
  5. Audie
    Please close your listing man
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