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Grado PS500 with moon audio upgrade cable

  1. Noykrub
    1. I would like to know anyone here upgrade PS500 with any cable ? recommend me please
    2. How about moon audio cable ? blue or black or silver dragon ?
    3. Is sound better or improve when compare stock cable from Grado ?
    Thanks everyone to help me ^^
  2. Noykrub
    anyone know help me please
  3. Coltrane
    There is no such thing as a cable upgrade. You are much better off using your money elsewhere.
  4. Posam
    I would agree with this but I have never invested in, nore believed in, the cable changing sound stuff. Besides, one of the things most people will say is that Grado have quality stock cables. 
  5. musiclover666
    Grado stock cables are more than sufficient. Buy some music, that is money much better spent.
  6. Magick Man

    Amen. Get more music, invest in a better amp, get a nicer source, but leave the cables alone.
  7. Noykrub
    Thanks everyone to recommend. It's mean that I don't need to upgrade to any cable. The Grado stock it's best cable right? .. Many thanks to everyone ^^
  8. musiclover666
    You made the right choice. Quit stressing about your cable issue, buy yourself a few new cds that you like, a six pack of beer or bottle of wine, and sit back and enjoy your Grados. That's where I find my magic. [​IMG]

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