Grado Modders Go Turbulent X

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by WoodyLuvr, Nov 13, 2017.
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  1. capnjack
    Jin is on the case and has already sorted me a replacement driver. It’s being shipped on Monday! :)
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  2. WoodyLuvr

    Big kudos to @jinteddy7 for being on the ball and addressing the issue promptly!
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  3. capnjack
    Anybody else ordered or building with these?
  4. WoodyLuvr
  5. sling5s
    Thanks for the review link.
    I think the Turbulent X's are tuned similar to the Symphones V8 in that they have slightly recessed mids.
    Which I don't get because if you want to make Grado aftermarket drivers, you want to have mids that are at least forward to some degree, even it's small degree.
    Which is why I didn't like the Magnum V7 and Nhoords, and in the end preferred the Epsilon R1.
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  6. DavidA
    When I heard the Magnum V7 build from @fleasbaby they has forward mids to me, more so than my R1, wonder if there is this much variance between sets of drivers? Another thing we should all note when making comments about sound is the type of ear-pads used since this really changes the sound. With that said there were Grado L-pads were on the Magnum V7 and generic G-pads are on my R1.

    I think having drivers that are tuned differently is a great thing for those like me that like different sound signatures. One issue that many have with Grado headphones is a slight lack of bass which I think all of the alternative drivers seem to fix with various levels available.
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  7. sling5s
    Interesting. It was my experience of the V6/7; plus what I've read in a review of V8 and the new Turbulent X drivers somewhere, and both describing the mids, while not being recessed, still a little behind the bass and treble. Both the reviews were using L-Cush. Would love to hear the fleasbaby build. Heard good things about it. :)
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  8. DavidA
    Give @fleasbaby a shout, he might still have them out on tour
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  9. fleasbaby

    Drop me a PM, or send me an email via the website...
  10. capnjack
    Firstly, I’d like to thank @jinteddy7 for sorting out my replacement! Arrived yesterday, quick considering the Christmas postage and holidays! Installed, burned-in and playing Bryan Ferry - Boys and Girls as I type this :)
    My first experience of Rhydon’s work, he seems to have done a brilliant job for Turbulent labs with this driver!
    To me, there seems to be a touch less bass than the Nhoords, but a smidge more detail. Otherwise they seem quite similar overall, both dig deep down into the bass (for an open-back design), separation is good and placement of instruments/performers is pin point. Mids are slightly more forward on the X but only marginally, treble seems smooth on both. Obviously this is only how I’m hearing them and ymmv!
    Finally, Happy New Year to all fellow head-fiers!
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  11. capnjack
    Gotta try these with a balanced cable next, trouble is, the cable I just built sounds too nice with my Nhoords to change it over at the moment :)
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  12. DavidA
    How about a few pictures for all us poor souls who didn't get to build a new headphone over the x-mas break :ksc75smile:
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  13. capnjack
    Well, I just received a parcel from Shipibo Audio (Etsy) in Poland with my alloy rodblocks and gimbals (thanks Przem, well worth the wait!) Looks like I had a successful December in all!

    SR60i/C7 3d printed cups/Sony headband/Van Damme mini quad cable.

    Turbulent X/Rholupat headband & Angsana cups/Shipibo alloy gimbals & rodblocks/Van Damme quad cable.

    Of course I’ve still got my Nhoords in reserve too! :)
    Yes, December was a success, despite the ups and downs!
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  14. DavidA
    @capnjack, are the rod blocks and gimbals just one time thing? Still not listed on their site.
  15. capnjack
    @DavidA EDIT. if I remember rightly @Oscar-HiFi mentioned them in a post a while ago but I can’t remember which thread it was in.
    The rodblocks and gimbals were the result of an email conversation between myself and Przem at ShipiboAudio -Etsy. He let me pre-order while he got them worked out how he wanted them to look, he asked me not to say too much about them until he’d finalised how they were done. They’re now ready for retail I believe and should be on the site soon, all being well. I would shoot him an email about them if you’re curious. I’m not sure what the price will finally be though, mine were, as I said, a pre-order at the start of November so they took a while to work out and get the raw materials from various countries. Przem is a really nice guy to work with and always seems to have time to respond to any emails quickly and to let you know of progress or any problems he’s having if any.
    They may have taken a while to get to me, Christmas post/a weeks holiday at Heathrow, But, as far as I’m concerned they look the business! :) Mine are the slim version and weigh about the same as Grado originals.

    E884F953-ECD9-4613-AA9E-6D072E64C595.jpeg 1B35EEF6-0FBA-4D9C-9AD9-394A8C6A83AE.jpeg DAFF3E99-4070-4E21-9AD0-4DC9E970FE3F.jpeg
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