Grado Modders Go Turbulent X

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by WoodyLuvr, Nov 13, 2017.
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  1. WoodyLuvr
    Well no one else was doing it so I started a new thread regarding Turbulent Labs' newest driver offering.

    Turbulent X

    Manufactured and tuned for Turbulent Labs by Symphones these drivers are tuned differently than the Magnum V7 or V8 and are an update to their last X driver (circa 2012) as per @jinteddy7 (Member of the Trade: Turbulent Labs)

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  2. WoodyLuvr
    Now someone has to convince (cleverly connive) either @DavidA or @fleasbaby to mod one up for review! :L3000:
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  3. capnjack
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  4. DavidA
    My GF saw me reading this and the look on her face was @##$^$%&#$#$, followed by "you just sold one and you want another one" :nerd:
  5. cathee
    new club motto?
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  6. fleasbaby
    I'm interested to hear what these sound like. Being an MoT I can't post impressions and whatnot, but a Symphones variant is always something worth hearing.
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  7. capnjack
    So who’s gonna bite the bullet and build a pair? I can’t afford to myself at the moment due to the demise of one of my Nhoords and the imminent arrival of the replacement pair :)
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  8. cathee
    enabler! i'm already very tempted by those fat headbands (i hear girth is most important anyways :innocent:), maybe it's time to place another order with @fleasbaby ....
  9. capnjack
    So, anybody bit the bullet yet and ordered?
    Still no sign of my Nhoord reds turning up despite assurances of them being here by the weekend!
    I may have to try these if they don’t arrive soon!


    Ok, it’s done.
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  10. BrianKT
    I ordered my Nhoords on 11/9. They're not here yet. I ordered the Turbulents & Symphones on 11/25. We'll see which ones get here first.
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  11. WoodyLuvr
    I have posted this question before in the Nhoord thread but I am extremely curious in hearing what other owners of the DIY Driver Family (Nhoord Audio, Elleven Acoustica, Symphones/Rhydon, and Turbulent Lab) are using (or have used) for amplification, if any.

    Myself, with my Nhoord Audio Red v2s, I am using an AudioQuest DragonFly Black (DFB) and have compared my DFB with the following amps/dacs with no replacement yet:

    AQ DragonFly Red (DFR): too much gain and power; too bright and sibilant; difficult to set the volume at a lower listening level

    Audeze Deckard: once the volume is set the same, DAC wise I am unable to distinguish the difference between the Deckard or even the Benchmark DAC3 from my DragonFly Black but precise lower volume adjustment is possible with either the Audeze or Benchmark, however nothing uniquely different and/or improved from my DFB.

    Benchmark DAC3: same as the Deckard on all accounts

    Meier Audio Corda Classic-ff and Jazz: very nice amps; great volume control; crossfeed is notable but I am able to nearly simulate/match this crossfeed sound/feature perfectly via the Case Meier Crossfeed component in Foobar2K (set at 15-18) so these amps don’t offer anything more over the DFB to justify their purchase.

    TEAC HA-501: sounded fine but nothing dramatically different from my DFB just slightly more volume.

    TEAC UD-301: nice sound but nothing uniquely better than my DFB; preferred the LME49860, MUSES8820, and NE5532 op amps over the stock PCM1795 op amps… with any of these op amps the TEAC UD-301 and Fostex HP-A3 sound identical.

    Fostex HP-A3: again, nice sound but nothing uniquely better than my DFB; lesser build quality than the TEAC but damn the Fostex’s volume control/knob was magical (super smooth; the best of all); better sounding (w/ stock op amp) than the TEAC UD-301 (w/ stock op amp). Preferred the LME49860, MUSES8820, and NE5532 op amp over the stock OPA2134 op amp.

    Audio-gd R/2R-11: very nice amp but doesn't pair well with my Nhoords; too much power and gain so not much volume play on the lower end.​

    Thus far, I haven't found anything that is dramatically better than my DFB. Would like to give the controversial Grado RA-1 Head Amp a listen to one day to see how well it pairs with my Nhoords as it is highly recommended by many Grado RS-1/RS-2 owners which are similar in sound to my Nhoords.

    @capnjack recommendations for and/or amps used with his Nhoords:

    @DavidA recommendations for and/or amps used with his Nhoords:

    @Mshenay recommendations for and/or amps used with his Nhoords:
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  12. Mshenay Contributor
    I'll chime in a little more, the GO V2+ is brighter than it is dark and very lean throughout it's entire low bass-mid range, I also use a mild HF roll off filter so the thicker lows and mid body of the Nhoord Red V1 and it's mildy boosted highs pair nice with the GOV2+ but only on the balanced out of that. It sounds nice with my Ember II as well but I never have a need to use it with the Ember II

    As for the Ylipson G1 I have, it sounds quite good with a lot of gear! I've not tested it out all of my sources, but it's balanced enough that it pairs well with a lot of stuff! Hopefully once I finish with my finals I can pin down where it sounds best
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  13. WoodyLuvr
    So... which arrived first?
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  14. capnjack
    My Nhoords are due today after a shipping hicup! My Turbulent x have shipped, but still in K.L.
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  15. capnjack
    Gonna try some of Rhydons c7 3D printed cups with these I think. Anyone tried em with the V8’s?
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