Grado Modders Go Nhoord?!?!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by fleasbaby, Aug 12, 2016.
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  1. capnjack
    Nhoord Red turned up today, still waiting on Sony headband, Rosewood cups and a cable!
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  2. DavidA
    I liked the looks of the Angsana cups you originally got and ordered a pair LOL.
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  3. rikk009
    Hey guys! I wanted a closed back cans and was wondering if any of these drivers are good for closed back?
  4. WoodyLuvr
    FYI: Jaco ( @javburg ) at Nhoord Audio developed the Nhoord Red drivers specifically for open-back applications.
  5. capnjack
    They look good with the pale leather headband! :)
  6. Astonish
    If you guys want or know anyone looking for Nhoord red v2 build already put together please let me know! I have one for sale built by David A that sound and look very good
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  7. DavidA
    I think there was one person on the Ypsilon tread that has a closed build but it uses the TH-X00 parts so it might be harder to do.
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  8. Oscar-HiFi
    So whats the consensus on the Nhoord driver sound?

    Got a pair of these and Symphones V8 drivers on their way for a build your own grado article on Hifiheadphones :D
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  9. WoodyLuvr
    Looking forward to reading this article!
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  10. Oscar-HiFi
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  11. capnjack
    I can’t seem to find the rodblocks on the site, did you have to ask about availability?
  12. Oscar-HiFi
    I believe you will need to contact them about extra parts, he just said he should have gimbals/rodblocks next week :)
  13. WoodyLuvr
  14. DavidA
    Finished but might change things:
    Red-V2 - Ansagna -2.jpg
    Angsana cups, MDR-7506 headband
  15. WoodyLuvr
    Does that extra depth on the outer face of the Angsana cups noticeably effect the sound of the Nhoord drivers?
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