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Grado Modders Go Nhoord?!?!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by fleasbaby, Aug 12, 2016.
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  1. wormsdriver
    If you need just the wooden sleeves there isn't many around who will do them.

    Try wabisabiheadphones.com on etsy, talk to Bruce he'll set you up with what you need.
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  2. alota
    thank you.it´s a shame that i sold my magnum. was entirely in aluminium like the hp-1000
  3. Harry Manback
    Thanks! I may give the EZ L pads a try.

    Amazes me how much headphone companies charge for OEM replacement pads. Sennheiser, Grado, Fostex...they all gouge you. Not much customer appreciation. The headphone world seems entirely slanted in favor of the manufacturers.
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  4. Silvian
    Hi everyone,

    As Grado people I thought you might be interested in what I do:
    gif blue.png

    You'll find quite a bit of info on beautifulaudio.biz
    There is a lot to read because, I believe, it is quite a different solution than what's out there. And since the sound is your main priority, please understand the compromises, the solution I offer, but also the advantages.
    Any questions, fire away.

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  5. Harry Manback
    Man, thenew site sure sucks. My iphone won't pull up the site in mobile mode, even after clicking the link for it. It is nearly unusable now.


    Does anyone else have a set of HD650s to compare the nhoords to? I would like to compare notes.

    My thoughts are that the bass on nhoords is better. Not sure about treble yet. Still, being in the same league with such iconic headphones is pretty awesome.

    Side note, i got some wood based filament and will have some photos of my design soon. The last gimbal is printing now. I have 2 sets of RS1 cups printed and am itching to try one out.
  6. DavidA
    Your wish is granted:
    Bass details and extension are better on the Nhoord Red V2
    Mids are fuller and smoother on the HD650
    Highs better extended and cleaner on the Nhoord

    Amps used are BH Crack, Lyr2, Ember and headphone output of UD-301
    DACs: UD-301 and Bimby
    FYI: I have dynamat in the cups of the Nhoord build
    Nhoord-HD650-1.jpg Nhoord-HD650-2.jpg
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  7. Harry Manback
    @DavidA - very nice setup. Thank you for sharing your comparison. I often find myself using the HD650 just for the fit and comfort.

    Overall, IMHO, the Nhoords are superior. I recently purchased some wood 3D printer filament, and have a couple of sets of RS1 style cups printed. I am planning on trying them in one set. It will be intrresting to see if the sound changes. Right now, they live in maple GS1 style cups. The printed cups feel like bamboo.

    Speaking of printed cups, does anyone have a model for the GH1 cups? If not, with some measurements, I can model them. My GH1 sold long ago, regretfully.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2017
  8. Oscar-HiFi
    If you need additional testers for the wood cups, I might be interested in a pair, as my SR60e drivers are easy to transplant between cups, just let me know the prices as I'm in the UK.
  9. Harry Manback
    A new home for my Nhoords:

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  10. DavidA
  11. Harry Manback
    Yessir! I am using a wood based filament.

    IMG_3049.JPG IMG_3050.JPG

    I still have some finishing work to do. They definately need more sanding.

    Can't wait for the new Nhoord drivers for G pads.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2017
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  12. DavidA
    @Harry Manback , Are you interested in selling another set of cups and the rod blocks that look like its from the same material as the cups? I can send you the prototype Nhoords for you to test if you wanted to try them.

    Want are the connectors you are using on the cups? I've been using SMC but the cheap long ones are getting harder to find and I was thinking of trying MMCX since they are about the same size and should fit in the wire holes with little work.
  13. WoodyLuvr
    Very nice work! How do they sound? Would be interesting to see them in the lower profile RS-1 style as well.
  14. WoodyLuvr
    With the extremely helpful and informative guidance, kind assistance, and wonderful workmanship of @DavidA @fleasbaby @javburg I successfully completed my Nhoord Red v2 build! Many thanks gents!

    Well, they sound amazing! I am extremely pleased with the sound thus far and the comfort is out of this world whether fitted with the L or G-Cush pads. I still haven't decided which pad I like best. These headphones are light as a feather but still stay well-seated without clamping.

    DRIVER: Nhoord Audio Red v2 (32Ω; 95dB/1mW; 46mm Diameter; my review here)
    DRIVER DUST SCREEN: Nhoord Audio (White)
    CUP: Wabi Sabi Headphones RS1 Clone (Walnut)
    CABLE I: HiFiMAN OCC Balanced 4-pin XLR (4-pin XLR to 6.35mm TRS Adapter)
    CABLE II: D.Arakawa Unbalanced 3.5mm TRS (Mogami W2893; Black Carbon Fiber Y-Splitter)
    EAR PAD I: Generic G-Cush
    EAR PAD II: Grado L-Cush
    HEADBAND: Sony MDR-7502
    HEADBAND PADDING: Sennheiser KP-PX100/PX200/PXC250
    ADDITIONAL PARTS: Akust Heat-Shrinkable Tubing 2.0 (Black); Loctite Super Glue Gel; 3M Electrical Tape (Black); 60/40 Lead Solder
    REQUIRED TOOLS: Soldering Iron; Retractable Utility Knife (aka Box Cutter); Hair Dryer; Alcohol Wipes

    Nhoord Audio Red v2 with Generic G-Cush Ear Pads and HiFiMAN 4-pin XLR OCC Balanced Cable w/ male jack SMC connectors


    Nhoord Audio Red v2 with Generic L-Cush Ear Pads and D.Arakawa Mogami W2893 Unbalanced 3.5mm TRS Cable w/ Carbon Fiber Y-Splitter and male jack SMC connectors


    Nhoord Audio Red v2 Drivers (#310517-004) w/ white driver protective screens

    upload_2017-12-21_20-14-26.png upload_2017-12-21_20-15-51.png

    3M Black Electrical Tape (5mm Wide) cut with retractable utility knife and applied to outer lower rim of driver to ensure a snug fit when placed inside the Wooden Cups


    Wabi Sabi Headphones RS1 Clone type Walnut Wooden Cups made by @fleasbaby
    (They were turned to a slightly smaller diameter to fit into the narrower Sony MDR7502 gimbals)

    upload_2017-12-21_20-21-3.png upload_2017-12-21_20-23-34.png

    Dynamat Xtreme (15mm Wide) applied to the lower sections inside of Wooden Cups just below the point where the drivers sit

    Driver Leads: SPC Cables Soldered to Female Jack SMC Connectors with Black Akust Heat-Shrinkable Tubing 2.0 (tubing shrinked with hairdryer)

    upload_2017-12-21_20-28-46.png upload_2017-12-21_20-30-56.png

    SPC Cable Driver Leads carefully soldered to each Nhoord Audio Red v2 Driver and then fitted into Wooden Cups

    upload_2017-12-21_20-33-52.png upload_2017-12-21_20-32-57.png
    upload_2017-12-21_20-35-9.png upload_2017-12-21_20-36-51.png

    Sennheiser KP-PX100/PX200/PXC250 Headband Padding (Black pads; Sennheiser Part No. 088115)

    upload_2017-12-21_20-38-43.png upload_2017-12-21_20-39-41.png

    Various L/G-Cush Ear Pads (From left to right: Generic G > Original Grado L > Generic L)


    With Generic L-Cush Ear Pads (Ended up tossing these as they itched and hurt badly even after numerous washes and soaks in fabric softener)

    With Original Grado L-Cush Ear Pads
    upload_2017-12-21_20-45-13.png upload_2017-12-21_20-57-44.png

    With Generic G-Cush Ear Pads

    upload_2017-12-21_20-53-10.png upload_2017-12-21_20-58-49.png
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2018
  15. wormsdriver
    great pictures, good stuff. congrats man, nice build :thumbsup:

    BTW, what cable was used for the driver leads to the smc connectors?
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