Grado modders go Magnum
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Nov 20, 2004
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I just finished putting together a pair of what are essentially GS3000e knock-offs. I picked up a housing on eBay that included cups, gimbals, the headband... Basically everything but the drivers and cable. They are very good quality for what they are, with only some minor tells that they're not authentic. I went with the Earphone DIY Labs GS3000e 50mm drivers in the Grado cover/housing. I finished it off with a braided cable.

Grado GS3000e Knock-Offs.jpg

I no longer have any Grados to do a direct comparison, but considering what I have into them, I'm very happy paired with either my Millett Hybrid or Lunchbox II. I'm toying with modifying the drivers to see if I can get a little more low end, but am hesitant to do too much since they're quite good as they are. If anyone has experience with these drivers, I'd be interested in hearing more. Each driver had two pair of the back holes opened up, and I'm not sure if I want to open up a third.

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