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Grado modders go Magnum

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by stratocaster, Oct 21, 2011.
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  1. fleasbaby
    ...it is indeed...
    I wonder if Rhydon/Turbulent are working on anything new? The X have been out for about...2 years now?
  2. wje
    Not sure if you've made a move on either of these yet.  The Aune T1, in my opinion, was a better DAC than a DAC and amp combination.  I didn't try too much tube rolling as I just wasn't very impressed from the beginning to take it any further.
    One of my favorites was the Little Dot I+ and the Music Streamer II.  I liked the Music Streamer II so well, I opted for another one a few months back ... and accidentally threw it out in the trash along with a $39.99 15' Grado extension cable.  Such a sad time.
  3. Melvins
    I've had the LD1+ for years. I was simply just curious. I use it with my fiio e10. I've heard that the music streamer II is great. Do you think it would be a noticeable upgrade from my e10s?
  4. yugopotamia
    anybody know where to buy the grado gimbals and headband? building a magnum soon, but dont want to spend money for brand new sr60 to take the gimbals and the headband
  5. fleasbaby
    Those aren't available separately unfortunately...but there are a few alternatives....
    Some folks use the Sony MDR 7506 headband:
    Others use the headband from a pair of Urbanears Plattan, or any of the other knockoffs in that style:
    I have seen one cheap headset that uses the Grado-style headband, but its not really available in the Western hemisphere (I think you can get it via Aliexpress...)
    Other than that, your only hope is if a pair of SR60 come up for $50 on the FS forums, or you buy some aluminium gimbals from Martin Custom Audio and try to figure out a piece of springsteel to slip your leather headband on...or to fabricate something yourself from scratch....
    Can you tell I have thought about this a little? :D
  6. chinook9
    If you want to check these out in the US RadioShack carries a version of this headphone.  At RS they're either $25 or $29, not sure which.  I got a couple on Black Friday for $10 each.  They do work but they are cheaply made. 
  7. fleasbaby
    I use mine to test different cups as it's easier to pull cups on and off with them without breaking anything...my regular Grado headbands are on my "keeper" builds.
  8. Currawong Contributor
    I ended up buying a pair of wood cup Magnums a while ago. I was surprised how much darker-sounding they are compared to the aluminium Magnums.
  9. Melvins
    I wonder if that would be the case if I woodied my 325is...
    but yeah, I've absolutely loved my limba woodied magnums. 
  10. DaemonSire
    I cannot comment on the E10 as I haven't heard it, but I can vouch for the Music Streamer II.  It is a nice little DAC.  I haven't heard too many DACs so I don't have a great range of experience, but the Music Streamer II is a nice musical sounding DAC...maybe not the absolute most 'resolving' but very smooth and easy to listen to.
  11. PhoenixClaw
    Hi all, I am interested in replacing headphone drivers(non-grado) with magnums but i have several questions before I decide on the project. What are the exact dimensions of the magnum drivers? I checked the http://turbulentlabs.com/turbulent-x-headphone-driver/ but couldn't find the dimensions of the drivers. I want to know if they can fit in non-grado enclosures like the Tascam shell or even some superlux models like the 681b. Secondly, would non-wood cups have a negative effect on their sound? The headphones in question have plastic cups and I'm planning to work on damping myself but if magnums only work with wood cups then I'll have to pass. 
  12. fleasbaby
    Jin over at Turbulent confirmed for me that the Magnum X/Turbulent X driver is designed for the Turbulent mahogany cups (a lot of folks have gotten very good results using other cups though). They are not designed for plastic/metal housings, but don't let that stop you. I have chatted to a couple of folks who are using them in aluminum sleeves within wooden outer cups, with excellent results apparently. Plastic cups get less enthusiasm, but they have been done (the stock Grado plastic cups).
    If you go through with them, post pics and share impressions!
  13. chinook9
    The magnum drivers are 45.6mm in diameter but the can be sanded down a little bit.  You can also use tape to expand them a little.  I used a layer of electrical tape to get a really snug fit. Some use foam tape but I wouldn't want to do that on wooden cups.  On closed cups the foam tape might be better. 
    I am not sure of the depth but Grados I have are 9mm at the edge and about 12mm in the center at the magnet. I expect the magnums are close to that.
    I just finished a set of walnut cups for my Magnums and I really enjoy them.  They are far from the most expensive headphones I own but the soundstage is just so wide and airy that I really enjoy them.  I was going to make some mahogany cups but the walnut sounds so good I'm leaving them alone.
    Good luck!
  14. PhoenixClaw
    Thanks for all the replies. I'm beginning to learn more about DIY and the magnums struck me as interesting since I read that you get really good performance at a relatively low price ($130 compared to several hundred more for the headphones with drivers they are supposed to replace). This is more of a future goal though but I'll definitely keep an eye out for this. 
  15. thievesarmy
    ok, so I just bought some SR60i's on sale, and am doing a trade for some 80i's, so I'll have a couple pairs of Grados in my hands very soon. I also just discovered the Turbulent Labs site, and have been browsing the few Grado modding options on their site. That lead me to this thread, and I have looked around a bit, but with that came some confusion.
    Can anyone help explain what Magnums are exactly ? I get that they're drivers (right?) but if I try doing a Google search, I just get the Turbulent site - and I don't see any Magnum's on there. Same w/ Symphones… What is that? It seems it was a canadian site, but it isn't online anymore…  I keep seeing references to stuff but I can't seem to figure out what it is. I'd love to read through this entire thread, but it's a little long… actually, it's VERY long. So basically, an updated / modern introduction or primer on modding Grado's is what I'm looking for, if anyone could be so kind. 
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