Grado Mod-Earpads
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May 17, 2009
Has anyone attempted on making earpads using some kind of memory foam? Or any sort of earpads that are VERY soft and more comfortable? I'm not talking about the Sennheiser hd-414 earpads, but much softer. I was thinking somewhat similar to the Sony MDR-XB500 (extra bass) earpads. Or something along that softness and comfort.
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yep, not specifically on grados but yes. I also tried using a very soft compound window sealer foam, the sticky back stuff that comes in a roll at DIY stores. Both work well and are comparatively comfy. The rolls are easier to use as mem foam can be a real pain to sut cleanly due to it's very squishy nature.

Having said that, the grados will most likely change dramatically in sound with a large to huge increase in bass as it ends up being far more sealed to the ear than the standard pads
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Sure, I bought some soft window sealing foam from lowes and cut it to the right lengths to surround the driver, peeled off the backing and stuck it on in concentric rings to form a pad. if you have some fine thin soft leather you can loosely stick this over the top as the softest weatherstrip is brown and pretty ugly. it does conform to the ears very well despite being thin and is very comfortable for supras. Don;t know how well it'd work on the front of a grado as there's not much free space there but you could try.

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