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Aug 14, 2008

Verdict - The iGrado is one of the best sounding headphones it is possible to buy for around £50. They are a simple solution to the need for a sports headphone for road running or cycling when you need to be aware of your surroundings.

Pro’s - For the price, the sound quality is just stunning.

Cons - Neck band headphones are not everyone’s cup of tea. Although the open back is great for cyclists or exercise in a busy public place, they are not really suitable for the gym or quiet public environments.

[size=medium]In-Depth Review[/size]

Introduction - Family owned Grado have been manufacturing beautiful headphones for over 50 years in their Brooklyn USA factory. Grado is famous for their remarkable headphone and phono cartridge designs and hold over 48 patents. Company founder, Joseph Grado is credited as the inventor of the stereo moving coil phono cartridge. Joseph Grado has passed on the mantle of President to his nephew John Grado. John has risen from sweeping the floors of the factory as a twelve year old, to President and Owner of Grado Laboratories.

Description - The iGrado is actually the only Grado made outside the US factory, this was decided so there was a Grado affordable for any budget. The iGrado actually shares the same driver design as the highly acclaimed SR60i which is twice the price!

Included peripherals - Inside the box you will find a Grado iGrado and not a lot else.

Application - Grado iGrado is a lightweight neckband model that will stay still during the hardest workout. The open back allows joggers or cyclists to be aware of their environment whilst exercising and listening to music. They work fantastically well for Classical, Folk and Acoustic music but do a great job with contemporary Rock and Pop and classics from the 60’s to the present day. They work with Hip Hop but having a flat controlled bottom end response, bass fanatic Dance fans should look for a bass dominant headphone instead.

Describe the sound - The Grado sound is detailed, brash and very sweet with a natural feel, basically really exciting. Bass is strong but tightly controlled and never overbearing. The upper mids and the highs really do send the soul soaring, vocals are believable and even difficult strings and brass have a texture which feels right. By venting the drivers a natural ease is gained, getting a closer listening experience to speakers.

Comparisons - The alternatives to this impressive Audiophile workout or even dog walk friendly Headphone are the Sennheiser PX100-II, for a balanced but musical approach a Sennheiser MOMENTUM would work really well if your budget will allow but is closed back. You could also check out the the full sized Grado models such as the SR60i and SR80i.

[size=medium]Product Information[/size]

Product - Grado iGrado
Product Type - Open Back On-Ear Neckband Headphones
Price - £55.00


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