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Grado HP 1000 HP1 (almost new) with packaging and extras

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by tabness, Oct 7, 2018.
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  1. tabness
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    In mint condition (basically new I would say they have seen less than three hours of use from me at most)

    I bought this pair a little bit over a year ago new old stock (I have no way of absolutely confirming this to be the case but they certainly looked new old stock). I never really got into them however so they only got a little bit of time mostly using them to compare to other headphones.

    The lettering on them is completely intact and looks perfect. They have the original flat pads. There is also an extra upgraded cable from Joe Grado along with the instructions to attach them (I have not done this and the original cable is still there). The original warranty is included. The original box with the documentation insert is included in pretty good condition (some scuffs and creasing on the opening). The original foam insert is included in pretty good condition (some discoloration). There is also a Grado mini adapter included.

    $3150 through PayPal inclusive of shipping and PayPal fees
    $2800 for cash and local pickup in the Seattle area
    Alaska and Hawaii and international buyers please contact me first as there may be more shipping charges

    I really prefer to sell something this rare and expensive in person so the buyer can see and hear them and be absolutely sure everything is good

    grado hp1 1.png
    grado hp1 2.png
    grado hp1 3.png
    grado hp1 4.png
    grado hp1 5.png
    grado hp1 6.png
    grado hp1 7.png

    (I have more pictures of the upgraded cable and box and insert and documentation and adapter if you are interested)
  2. Mightygrey
    Wow, real unicorn material there. GLWS.
  3. tabness
    price reduced to $3050 ($2750 for cash and local pickup) adding some pictures of the box and packaging

    grado hp1 14.png
    grado hp1 9.png

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