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Grado headphone case - safe storage for your Grado headphones

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  1. yukihiro
    I don't see how these could start rubbing the paint off the buttons. It's a snug fit, but there's a good amount of room between the headphones and the cover.

    I doubt you could fit a 6' cable in there. It's already a pretty tight fit with just the headphones and its cable. You can, however, fit a small portable amp in that space as I have shown in the picture.
  2. iriverdude
    Can you match £12.59?
  3. Mazzantini
    Very nice
  4. jota
    It's a nice case!
    I want the enhancement of such a commodity also in Japan.
  5. DoYouRight Contributor
    Wow this kicks the ass of the ebay case.

    Will it fit an HF2? I think so, but definately will get 2 if itll fit! [​IMG]
  6. revolink24
    Bump for the last question.
  7. thechungster
    Bump. I am interested in DoYouRight's question. Will the case fit the HF2's (I'm assuming they will)
  8. labrat
  9. yukihiro
    I would think they would fit the HF2's. They are a lower profile than pretty much all the Grado's that are currently being offered. Grado usually uses pretty much the same size headbands for their whole lineup, so that should be the same too.
  10. jonathanjong
    How much would shipping to NZ be?
  11. ScarlettD
  12. Mercuttio
    I've just picked up one of these cases, and dear lord, is is glorious. Nice hard build quality, perfect fit for my 325is. I especially like how the plug securely clips into place between the earcups. If you travel a lot with your Grados, this is a MUST have.
  13. Currawong Contributor
    I'm curious about shipping to Asia as well, as I'd like a good case for my Magnums.
  14. MLTR
    I would like to know if that case would accept the grado  'i' models
  15. Mercuttio
    It most surely does. Please see my recent sale of the 325is in this case, I believe there's a picture of the phones inside it.

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