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Grado GS20000000000e Uncrate Version (black)

Trader History (175)
  1. chicken beer
    For Sale or Trade
    Ship to:
    •   United States
    20180728_233323.jpg 20180728_233338.jpg 20180728_233348.jpg Will come with the headphone, the Uncrate magizine, the adapter only.

    One slight imperfection on the wood edge, but the headphone is overall like new considering the imperfection is very not obvious, and could come from manufacturer.

    Trade interest is mainly focused on TOTL iems and DAPs.

    Price includes shipping but does not include PayPal fees, only in US. For intl shipping, sale only, only PayPal gist will be accepted and shipping cost will be adjusted amd added. I will consider very reasonable sale offers.

    Last edited: Aug 12, 2018
  2. 1BADJAD
    Trade offer for the GS2000e (both items in "like new" condition, as I take excellent care of my toys):

    1. Shure SE846 with original box/accessories/receipt + a moon audio 4.4mm pentaconn connector for the WM1A/1Z (original owner, but no longer need due to using Layla's as my "go to" portable earphones)
    2. Grado RS1E with original box/etc - burned in for exactly 100 hours with sine freq, pink noise & misc music prior to auditioning. They were my first Grado's, and I really enjoy them, so I want to move up to a bigger/better model


  3. chicken beer
  4. 1BADJAD
    Ummm...Yeah, I hear you. Tempted but not quite shure (pun intended). Here are pics of the Shures I took a couple of weeks back when I almost made a trade for Fostex MKII....finally decided just to have my originals modded. No pics of the RS1e's yet, but I can take some if you like. 1 minor detail....the shure case fits my Walkman and earbuds tightly, so I would like to keep it. I purchased a new maroon Pelican 1060 case (better case & a little bit bigger too) that I could give you in its place. I don't like it, because there's too much wiggle room for my toys...I don't want them to slide around at all. If you're not interested, that's fine as well. Thanks!

    Shure1.jpg shure4.jpg
  5. chicken beer
    This is the last bump for my GS2ke uncrate and if it didn’t go, it’s meant to be and then I’ll keep them indefinitely and select good amps and Dacs for pairing it.

    Trade interest is focused on TOTL iems and DAPs from now on, sorry I decided not to go for se746, but rather go to higher-class iems as I'm spoiled by some Westone w80s...
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2018
  6. 1BADJAD
    hmm...bummer for me. OK...how about Oriolus MKII w/ PWAudio No.5 cable (pictures above) & RS1e. I was trying to keep them since I prefer them as backups over the SE846's, BUT I still don't need 3 TotL earphones, AND I'd rather upgrade my RS1e's to the GS2000e's. The buds are in excellent condition, since I always stored them in either the Shure protective case OR the metal circular Oriolus Case. Ummm....the "Oriolus" writing on the outside of metal case has worn down a bit though from normal transportation. I still have the retail box and the whatever goodies came inside. If you're not interested still, I totally understand and wish you a sincere GLWTS!
  7. chicken beer
    Bro sorry I happened to not see your reply! Shall we move to PMs? That way I get notifications (I block email notifications from threads...)
  8. chicken beer
    Last bump...
  9. panseraph
    Is your GS2000e still available for sale?

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