Grado GS1000i One of a Kind Custom Headphones
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Nov 18, 2008
Grado GS1000i One of a Kind Custom Headphones
No expense was spared to create these beautiful headphones. Not only do they look amazing but of course they sound amazing. The soundstage on these is huge with an exceptional bass and crystal clear midrange and treble. The reviews pretty much say it all.
To make these a one of a kind GS1000i I sent them out to be to have the wooden cups softened up, clear coated and polished by hand. I wanted to keep the letters and basic shape but soften the corners and put a light but better glossy finish to bring out the color and beauty of the wood and still keep the integrity of the stock design. When you look at these they have a high gloss. Smoothing out the sharp edges really updates the cup design.
I then had Martin Custom Audio hand make his gorgeous aluminum gimbals and rodblocks. They really are a work of art.
At that time I also had a tan leather headband installed to match the wood cups. Everything on this headphone is handmade from the manufacturing in Manhattan by Grado to all the additions added.
This truly is a headphone that is a one of a kind work of art. It is in MINT NEW condition inside and out.
The original box with everything in it is included.  Shipping and PayPal fee are added into my selling price. USPS two day priority mail with tracking
Please see my 100% rating and rest assured you will be getting exactly what is described.
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