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Grado GS1000 GS-1000 GS1 GS1K [ Official Customer Satisfaction/ Appreciation Thread ]

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by audiofiler, Jun 5, 2006.
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  1. robm321
    ^ Very well put! [​IMG]
  2. Nick01
    I love my Grado Statement for the following reasons:
    1/ exaggerated treble
    2/ exaggerated details (I'm a details freak so no worry)
    3/ exaggerated bass (bass is sooo good....I have no word to describe it)
    4/ exaggerated soundstage (at the cost of recessed midrange, but if you want full & thick midrage, get any other Grado)
    5/ super comfortable
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  3. gradoist
    Got a like new pair recently. Wonderful phones, way better than RS1i in every aspect. Yea, every!
  4. rgs9200m
    Now that it seems available, any comments on the GS1000E vs. the GS1000i would be highly appreciated. I'm a big fan of the i-version and wondering if an upgrade is worthwhile. Thanks in advance.
  5. jaywillin
    i've had the original, the "i" and now the "e"
    the e is the best, and to me, easily worth the upgrade
  6. rgs9200m
    Thanks. Yep, I started with the original too and have always thought the G was special, the best Grado. Before this (12 yrs ago) I liked the RS1, and the G is like a super improved RS1 in every way: spaciousness, mids with lots of texture and fullness, but with much easier to take highs, and to me, a pretty balanced flat-frequency signature sound in the i-version. I'm hoping he E continues this trend. (I still have my RS1--just can't part with it.)
    And the G has amazing comfort, even more so than the Oppo PM1. 
    Full disclosure that I still think my LCD3 (fazored now) is the best overall, the Grado G has a special sound I keep turning to.
  7. jaywillin

    the mids are more forward, and the treble while still very extended, is more refined, smoooooooth
  8. rgs9200m
    Thanks again for that. Yep, the treble can be, just sometimes, a little jazzy, but that's also part of its charm and makes it alive. It's a direct-sounding phone, while planars can sound in comparison like you are behind a plate of glass (albeit a very transparent one).
  9. rgs9200m
    The GS1000e is excellent, and a bit different from the previous models. It is more present and close up , but still spacious. It seems to be inching closer to the RS1 spatial character.
  10. headfry
    I acquired lightly used GS1000i 3 weeks ago and have found, to my tastes it is superb!
    Many thanks to the good reading here, especially granodemostasa's long and well thought/out/writing!
    I agree, although I have the i's, but have found that a slight eq starting at around 1k, peaking at 3,000 (around 2db gain),
    gradually tapering down around 6 khz in Amarra for Tidal (I'm also using Voxengo Marvel CEQ plugin in PM 3 - w/similar
    but slightly diff eq adjustments- do by ear!):
    brings the midrange slightly forward  and vastly improves the musicality and sound!
    ...more than likely this eq would not be needed on the 1000e, or perhaps smaller eq
    anyway....IMHO, the GS1000i's are one of the best headphones at any price!
    Just an observation, many others who have championed the various version of the GS1000's have
    subsequently sold them, including those that claimed the 1000e was the best! Some conclusions I've reached:
    - What sounds great in the short term may prove tiring in the long-term, esp. if there is a constant 
      nature to the sound that is annoying for whatever reason (which may take a long time of living with to perceive)
    - These, like other Grado's I've owned, are excellent for low volume listening!
    the GS1000i specifically is a vastly under-rated headphone here! If you like the Grado sound, check them out if you can,
    esp. if used at a good price!
    ....I love all of my Grado's for different reasons.....well maybe except for the 325is.
    I liken the 1000i's sound to viewing a movie in a really nice theater setup 
    while lesser headphones, including the 80 and 325's are more like watching a 1080p rendition on a regular size tv.
    the theater setup is more immersive and one appreciates it somewhat differently.
    Having said that, it is great to take a break sometimes and listen to the 80e and 325e's, the smaller soundstage,
    not as revealing detail is nice to hear for certain kinds of music and listening.
    The 325e is like a perfected 80e - but if I had to I could happily live with just either.
    The 80e is definitely the best overall value and is the one for anyone who loves the Grado sound but
    wants an economy phone with superb musicality.
    The 1000i are definitely a luxury purchase - but well worth it with great recordings and suitable accompanying equipment...
    it's the difference between listening to a really nice recording and being in the front row at a live concert.
    In a nutshell, if I had to describe what the GS1000i's have been for me:
    they will give you the best idea of what the original artists did and how they played, and all facets of production..
    everything is life size (or maybe large that life size), solid, coherent, smooth and so emotionally/muscially espressive.
    They sound so right!
    They allow me to fully appreciate what the artist intended!
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  11. DBX1
    I just received the Grado GS10000e Headphones. So far, from what i read on the reviews vs. my listening experience, i am not as impressed with them compared to the SR325 I purchased 9 years ago.

    I find the gs1000e to fit comfortably on my ears, and the sound is non-fatiguing. The sound is clear, buut it lacks bass. Soundstage and imaging is good.

    When i listen to the SR325, it sounds like i am in a high-end digital theatre, where the bass and sound quality is perfect. i was hoping the 1000e would bring that sound even further. Yet somehow, the SR325 receives bad reviews, using terms to describe the sound as shrill. I have found these headphones to sound awesome.

    Note that i do not use a headphone amplifier. I plug the headphones straight into my preamp or my ipad. Note that i play audio files in wav format and movies on blu-ray. None of that mp3 or internet movie crap. I am very demanding when it comes to audio, so i play back audio and movie formats in high quality where ever possible. I can hear the difference between vinyl, cd, and mp3. I also notice quality differences between internet broadcasts vs. cable/antenna broadcasts, and blu-ray format - both audibly and visually.

    Does anyone else feel the same way about these headphones?
  12. DBX1
    By the way... That was my first post on this forum. This is my second post.
  13. headfry
    they may be the wrong hp's for your tastes, equipment and volume level. The imaging and soundtage is should be awesome...not just OK or good.
    Note, I listen mostly at low to low-moderate volume and amped with a mid-priced unit, very lightly eq'd in the mids.
    The RS2e's, PS500e, GH-1's or RS1i's should be more inline with the 325e's sound signature, just smoother, more refined,
    somewhat better soundstage/separation.
    For bass impact and weight, I believe the PS500e and GH-1's should be the best of the above (any confirmation out there?)
    Whille the GS1000e will improve with amping, it's important for you to like them w/out too...again they would appear to
    be the wrong solution for you.
    In my system, hearing, taste and use, the GS1000i's lack nothing and are absolutely amazing.
  14. DBX1

    When I posted my very first post on this website (I had just received the headphones earlier that day), I was playing both headphones on my iPad Air.  The SR325 sounded more organic compared to the GS1000e.  However, I was listening all day with the GS1000e on the iPad and found them to be comfortable, and non-fatiguing.  Now since then, I have broken in the GS1000e for over 100 hours after scouring this site on how to get the best results from these fantastic headphones.

    The GS1000e does have a better soundstage than the SR325, and it has great clarity.  However, it does lack bass.  Since then, I have compared both headphones on my preamp, and the gap has looked to close.  The RS325 still has a better sound and a little bit better on the highs, but just barely compared to the GS1000e.  The GS1000e has better clarity and a wider sound stage compared to the SR325.  If you compare the GS1000e to the Audeze LCD-2 or LCD-3 in my limited listening session, the Audeze wins in the bass department.  As for the rest, I was not as impressed as I had hoped prior to the limited audition I had with the headphones.  I will be auditioning them again when time permits.
  15. ruthieandjohn
    GS1000i vs. GS1000e vs. GH-1 with G cush
    I own both the GS1000e (since March 2015, about 160 hours of use) and the GH-1, which comes with the L bowls but for which I found the G Cush over ear pads make them better (perhaps 30 hours)
    I borrowed a pair of GS1000i from my local Grado dealer for the weekend.  A demo unit in the store for at least 2 years, it has more hours on than my GS1000e.
    While I have a formal set of 10 listening tests that I use to compare sets of three headphones at a time (see 4D plot of 13 Grados link in my signature for details), I just did some quick listening for now.
    I find:
    GS1000i > GH-1/G >> GS1000e.
    However, I also find that my GS1000e are continuing to improve with use. Indeed, two early reviewers commented on how much the GS1000e changed with burn in.
    The GS1000i has a tiny bit more subbass than the GH-1, which in turn has more subbass than the GS1000e.
    The GS1000i has a huge soundstage, making both the GH-1 and GS1000e sound intimate by comparison.
    The GS1000i has more transparency (i.e. more freedom from muffling like a felt cloth would do) than the GH-1 and the GH-1 has more transparency than the GS1000e.
    The GS1000i slightly subdues male vocals, more so than the GH-1.
    I continue to put hours on my GS1000e.  It SHOULD end up sounding better than the GS1000i, as it has a 50 mm driver (GS1000i is 44 mm), a 12-conductor cable (8 for the GS1000i), and as do all -e series, a bit more bass and a bit less treble than the -i series.  The cylinders that hold the GS1000e drivers protrude about 1/8, or 3 mm, above the edge of the wood cup, toward the ear.  This might mean that the GS1000e driver is closer to the ear than the GS1000i.
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