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Grado GS 1000 - GS1K

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by omedon, Dec 6, 2012.
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  1. omedon
    For Sale
    I am cleaning house. For sale my set of Original Grado GS 1000's
    I am the original owner. These were well cared for in a smoke free, pet free home. They have been babied and are in excellent condition. If haven't listened to headphones for years, and while it is sad, it is time for them to go. 
    Read an excellent review by Zanth here.
    These were my favourite Grado by far (having owned HF-1, SR-225, and SR-80). Yes the mids are a little recessed compared to other Grado's but you gain SOOOO... Much!
    -They are comfortable to wear for hours on end, (Flat pads crush my ears and become painful after only 1hour these I could wear for 8hours straight)
    -Have fantastic soundstaging and separation (perfect for picking out the little details)
    -Fantastic detail and resolution (excellent at resolving cymbals)
    -Are great to listen to at low volume
    -And they have an amazing bass response. Daft Punk 'Around the World' absolutely snaps with these phone and the bass attack is QUICK.
    Also these handle the deep deep deep bass of James Taylors 'Fire & Rain' extremely well (you may never have realized that Fire & Rain has deep bass listening to it on other phones)
    All round excellent phone
    Asking $680 USD shipped to USA
    Asking $670 CAD shipped in Canada
    My Head-Fi Feedback is here
    My ebay handle is algernon_11
  2. mooserag
    Hey mate,

    Would you consider shipping to aus? If so do these come with box etc?

  3. omedon
    Yes. Will ship to Australia.
  4. omedon
    Deal Pending
  5. omedon
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