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Grado first timer - SR60i vs 80i

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by trantalocked, Jun 30, 2011.
  1. TrantaLocked
    I've never heard a Grado, I'm just buying a pair because I hear they rule for metal. People say the 80s are better than the 60s for rock, but say I got the 60s, would I still be getting an amazing experience for the price? I would like to invest in a pair I don't need to upgrade but only if the 80s are really that much better will I spend the extra money for them.
    If you have both, find a metal song for me and compare what you hear!
  2. BotByte
    60 vs 80
    what they have over each other:
    60: $20 less
    80: Better clarity due to better cable
    To me, yes I bought the SR80i for the above reason. Grado is all about the clarity, and without it, it's not worth much. Always, ALWAYS buy as much of a headphone you can.
    But, I would tell you to get a pair of G-cush cups to go along with what ever you choose. They pair is $40, but completely worth it to replace the stock flat comfy pads they come with.
    If you don't have that much, get the SR60i but make sure you get the G-cush pads, they will deliver the entire performance without a complete mod. But if you can, GET THE SR80i
    My SR80i are modded pretty well.
    My mods:
    Custom headband with padding
    Custom Earpads
    The rail clamps that hold the earpads in place. I can't remember the title for them, but they help massively with the comfort. No slipping at all
    Removed interior grate, still looking for the replacement
    Increased bass
    increased clarity
    increased comfort, but still need to redesign the pads. Fourth try is the charm!
  3. ldtboyl
    If you like your metal warm, get the 60.
    If you like it clear, get the 80.
  4. TakashiMiike
    The 80's and 60's are pretty much the same, the 80's have slightly more bass, but you can mod the 60's to have the same or more, if you desire, I say get the 60's and mod them, it's cheaper, and yields the same result as the 80's. Since the i series there is no reason to get the 80's.
    Not to plug myself but I do have some modded 60's for sale, if you check my page :) *wink*
  5. TrantaLocked
    Hm headphone.com shows the 60 has more bass. Anyways, I thought both were extremely clear so hearing either one would give a very "clear" experience, and the 80 was just clearer? I mean they would both beat the clarity of any headphone below $100 right? 
  6. killmurer
    I've always wondered about the bass difference. Seems SR 60 has more bass. In only quantity maybe. I have the SR 60i and I find it very clear and I think the instrument separation and the high end detail is fantastic for the price. [​IMG] I got it new for 55$ off ebay [​IMG]
    The bass I find just right for rock. But for electro and other genres I feel wanting a wee bit more bass.  
    Is there a decrease in bass quantity as you move up the grado prestige ladder? Compared to the SR 60i that is..
  7. SemperMalum
    I actually had a chance to test the SR60i before I bought my SR80i. I can honestly say that, to me anyways, the SR80i have better clarity and have a better amount of bass. It's still somewhat lacking, for most people's tastes, but there are numerous ways around that. You can mod them, get an amp, or get some type of equalizer with a bass boost. I've even read somebody on here found a program that he used to naturally boost all his MP3s so he didn't have to spend a single dollar or lift a finger with regards to taking his 'phones apart to mod it.
    In fact, I have my Fiio E5 (Cheap amp, but supposedly had a decent boost for bass) that is coming through my mail that I'll be hooking up to my Grado SR80i. If it works out for me, I'll post it for you.
    Edit: I recieved my E5, and I can say that for 20 bucks, it was exactly what I needed. The bass boost is amazing and does it's job well. The mids/highs haven't received any noticeable hits, still sound amazingly clear and emphasized for rock music.
  8. TrantaLocked
    Thanks for the info! It's strange how every amazon reviewer who mentions bass says it is perfect and natural, not many people say it is light.
    Hopefully I won't have to spend money to mod or buy an amp (which I wouldn't do anyways) if I like the signature. I like my bass-lacking HD 201s alright  (not as much as my CX-300-IIs for metal) while the Grados have a similar bass level overall in ratio to the high range, but the difference (looking at a comparison chart) is that the SR-60i focuses on the low end bass while the HD 201 focuses on high end bass (the highest peak of bass in the whole chart).
    You think the SR-60i would provide fuller sound or a less fuller sound with the slight focus towards the lower end bass? Honestly, metal is annoying on my HD 201s compared to my CX-300-IIs. What I HATE is that the mid-range on the CX-300-II on the chart appears to be at a much lower level than highs and lows, as if I'm enjoying my music more on the CX because of the huge extending bass? Metal in particular is much easier and relaxing to listen to, while every one says the Grados have the same effect. 
    BTW it looks like I won't need cash to do the driver vent mod. I can't find any guides on it though.
  9. wje


    We have the SR-60 Mod thread in this forum right here.  The thread has been locked as of a few days ago, but it's full of all the necessary information that you need to perform the most simple Grado mod to the more elaborate mods with wooden cups, etc.

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