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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. lumohomo06
    The driver is the same as the one in SR325e, not quite sure if it is worthy to pay an extra of $400 just for the look.
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  2. KHF909
    Hi All,

    I'm sure this question has been asked a million times so I apologise for this (and I've been through this thread quite a bit too - some very useful and very insightful information) but I've got the opportunity to get some real deals on some RS2e or GH2, there is an approx $300 NZD price difference between the two as there is quite a heavy discount on the GH2.

    I've recently acquired some SR-225e (yes very late to the party!) and like the sound, but do find them a bit bright at the top end and from what I read the two above are a bit less so in that department and have deeper bass.

    I've also got some Audeze LCD2, but am finding them a bit too recessed and lack the energy I am getting from the Grados. I mainly listen to rock/metal

    Appreciate any advice from other Grado users that might have done the same, or have (or had/or compared) both and if the difference in price (for sound only - as I'm not worried about the looks).

    Thanks again
  3. ruhenheiM
    my suggestion is to find secondhand ps1000e. i haven't heard rs2e and gh2 but i used to have rs1 button and i find them way too smooth for rock/metal and lack of energy
  4. Shane D
    I went from the SR325e's to the GH2's and could not be happier. The GH2's have all the good stuff from the 325's without the brightness. Probably the only set of headphones that I will never sell.

    Shane D
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  5. Roasty
    I had the Alessandro ms2i many years ago and regretted selling them off. I recently bought an ms2e from a head-fier, purely out of sentimental value.

    One thing I did not miss about them was their comfort level (or lack thereof). Is it possible to use the larger grado sponge cups with these headphones? Or any other aftermarket sponge cup for that matter? I would like to have them over the ear rather than the on-the-ear feel.
  6. Amish
    You can use the G-cush pads sure. They will change the sound a bit. Could be for the better or the worse.
  7. KHF909
    Thanks Shane, and after seeing the gear you've got or had its very similar to mine

    Did you try the RS2e before deciding on the GH2 or just straight to the GH2?

  8. Shane D
    No, I did not. I live in a smallish city and there are only two audio stores and neither one stocks much. I loved the look of the GH2's and that they were a limited run. I really like the SR325e's, but they would get overbearing after a while. I decided that i want a bit more smoothness and I wanted woodies. My max budget was $1,000.00 (Canadian $'s). The Cocobolo cups are so rich looking, to me, they won me over. I sent several emails to Grado dealers across Canada and got a few replies. A shop in Quebec offered me a bit of a discount, I made a counter offer and done deal. I love the look and the sound. While I itched to climb the tree from SR to GH, I have no further itch. I am VERY happy with these and my curiosities take me elsewhere. I just bought a set of used HD58X's used for a GREAT price! Nice headphone with an EQ. Speaking of which, The Schiit Loki perfected my GH2's for me. A chunk of bass and a little bit midrange does wonders. Of course that's not for the purists.:darthsmile:

    I think they were well worth what I paid. If you can get a good discount, that would make then even sweeter, IMO. Good luck.

    Shane D
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  9. KHF909
    Sounds a lot like my dilemma where I am in a smallish city but we have no real hifi dealers so travelling is an option but less than ideal and the ones I want to try are at the other end of the country.

    I think I might just take a leap.

    Appreciate your assistance on this.

  10. Shane D
    Don't forget to drop back and let us know what you think.

    Shane D
  11. ruthieandjohn
    Comparison of Grado RS2e, GH2, and HF3


    Having just received both the HF3 head-fi.org Limited Edition (with charitable contribution) and the GH2 Limited Edition (cocobolo!), I had to compare these on-ear Grados to my favorite on-ear Grado, the RS2e.

    Here they are, in their beautiful glory...
    Grado RS2e GH2 HF3.jpg
    Grado RS2e, GH2, and HF3 compared

    The three headphones were so close in performance as to be nearly indistinguishable... if I were given one in isolation, I would not be able to tell which of the three it was. Only by rapid sequential one-after-the-other could I start to find differences, and those differences were slight.

    The RS2e was the most sensitive of the three; the HF3 was the least sensitive. The HF3 has a thinner body than the RS2e and the GH2.

    Here are the results, using the systematic listening comparison that I have used for over 100 pairs of headphones, described here. For each of the 10 acoustic features, the headphone that had the most of that feature was first prize (blue, 3 points), the middle headphone was second (red, 2 points), and the headphone with the least of that feature was third (yellow, 1 point). Ties were permitted (indeed, encouraged, if I could not robustly tell a difference with respect to a feature), and were award 2.5, 2, or 1.5 points, based on the type of tie.

    RS2e GH2 HF3 Compare.jpg

    The GH2 slightly (and insignificantly) outshone the RS2e, with better fine detail but less transparency, and the RS2e was a bit ahead of the HF3 in total score, with stronger transparency and soundstage width. Surprisingly, despite the reputation of the GH2 as a subbass powerhouse, all three scored equally on this feature.

    They are all three great and generally indistinguishable headphones!
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2019
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  12. gregorya
    I always enjoy your posts. Just curious, have you ever compared two (or more) of the exact same model to determine if there are any differences resulting from the hand-built nature of the Grado phones?
  13. ruthieandjohn
    I compared two SR125e’s, when my wife decided that of all my Grados, she preferred that one. I got one for her and compared them.... they were the same, within the limits of precision of my comparisons.
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  14. gregorya
    Just based on comparisons of acoustic instruments that use wood as a component (pianos, guitars, violins, etc.) I always wondered if the wood Grados might each exhibit a distinct personality within the same model.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2019
  15. KHF909

    That is an epic response and I too love your news article type review that is awesome.

    Appreciate your in depth reply immensely and I only wish I'd seen it before smashing the big green BUY button on the GH2 when I potentially could have saved some money.

    On the bright side it sounds like whichever I chose it would still be a bit of a win.

    I'll feed back thoughts when I get them and burned them in a bit.

    Thanks all.
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