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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. Bob Ley
    Got mine today. Love how they sound and will get better over time!
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  2. ESL-1
    Most Definitely.... Enjoy the journey and congratulations.
  3. elira
    My Grado HF3 arrived.

    95120C74-D06D-4558-A14C-43FAFE767FA2.jpeg E615F6DF-351E-458E-9379-99EB7D856175.jpeg 2F75CA58-537A-4D10-B161-6CBE7BFCEB99.jpeg
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  4. pure5152
    Just got my HF-3 and just want to add another data-point here. Yep, the HF-3 sounded pretty shouty right out of the box, but after 5 hours of burn-in playing medium-loud music, the shoutiness has smoothed away. I'm getting increased depth, better micro dynamics and micro details. This is the same HF-3 sound I fell in love with when I heard it at can jam socal, and I'm more than pleased.

    Day One Immediate Impressions:
    • I'm loving the HF-3 with my THX 789 and ZDT Jr. so far -- both emphasize different aspects of the headphone's strengths. The zdt jr images better, with a slightly richer, more cohesive, full-bodied and dynamic sound, while the THX sounds super fast and clean sounding, albeit slightly leaner and with less depth.
    • Innerfidelity was right, this is a new grado, one with a very pleasing balanced signature and impressive imaging and a great-quality intimate presentation. There's some subbass roll-off at the very low end (it can't hit the lowest note in doin it right with authority). But the bass is still punchy, dynamic, and fast, and songs from e.g. Infected Mushroom sound fantastic.
    • (the following back-to-backs are done on a gumby A2 -> THX 789 setup single-ended using Spotify Premium. Most were done pretty stream-of-consciousness in the heat of listening, so take that as you will.)
    • Going from HF3 to Focal Clear: Clears are a little harder to drive (had to turn up the volume a little bit). Clear's recessed mids are immediately apparent. Clears have a more expansive soundstage in all directions, and more present, with great quality subbass (I feel like I can feel it in my chest sometimes... very odd and satisfying feeling haha); but somehow sounds more "sleepy" and relaxed than the HF3, with the HF3 sounding more engaging. The clears are definitely faster (you can hear more details in synths, for example), attacks are very articulate.
    • Going from Focal Clear to HF3: Turned down volume. Headphones are less comfortable, with scratchier earopads and harder clamp, but the lightness makes up for it. Mids (vocals, instruments) seem a lot more present and lively. Bass has less body (because less subbass), but sounds more punchy (kick drums in Fragments of Time sound super realistic to me). Highs are more present, but not sibilant or harsh to me at all. Less depth to sound, soundstage is more intimate/smaller (sitting in row 1-2), but a great balanced frequency response and punchy bass (sharper, more defined attacks) makes it sound more "live at a concert" sounding, and I love it. HF3 has slightly less sharp transients, but are still fast, and resolution is on the same level as the clear. That the HF3 even trades blows with a headphone roughly $1000 more expensive than it is just impressive (there was a period where I was writing this and forgot I was listening to the HF3s and just got sucked into the music - super engaging!).
    • Going from HF3 to Verite w/ Universe Pads ($350 vs $2500, unfair...?): Had to turn up volume a lot. Verite is much heavier, but more comfortable (like a secure, warm hug). Verite sounds darker with a downsloping frequency response, but all of the treble details are there, with a lot more detail in the high-hat sustains and hits in Fragments of Time. Resolution is a just a step up on the Verite, with more texture and microdetails, and a controlled and more immediate sound (pianos attacks and guitar plucks are super immediate and fast, for example). That said, the HF3 with its more balanced frequency response sounds "clearer" to me, despite the Verite's better resolution (yes, clarity and resolution are two different things). Soundstage on the verite is wider/fuller, but imaging is not the most precise (with the universe pads especially). I freaking love the verite, just so fun to listen to with its downsloping, super-detailed, fast, full-bodied, textured, and dynamic sound.
    • Going from Verite to HF3: Had to turn down volume a lot. Much lighter, but more pressure against the ears. The HF3 sounds leaner/dryer, but more clear, lively. Attacks are less immediate, and there's less micro dynamics feeling of "space", but the HF3 is still fast and punchy sounding, with lots of detail still. The details feel less layered and more compressed, but are still there. I love how punchy the kick drums sound! Imaging is super tight, honestly loving this up-close-to-the-stage-live-outside feeling I'm getting with the HF3. Even though I feel like, yes, the Verite is on another tier in terms of immediacy and control of transients and resolution, and full-bodied soundstage, the HF3 has more of my ideal frequency response and I can see myself listening to the HF3 a lot for its engaging, lively sound.
    I stand by my initial impressions, the HF3 sounds great regardless of comparison. I feel that past a certain point with things audio, in terms of soundstage/resolution, things just sound great (this is "summit-fi" for me), and the HF3 definitely reaches that level for me. The Clear and Verite beat it at certain aspects, but I keep coming back to the HF3 for its engaging and "live" sound.

    At $350 with free shipping and no tax to california, these things are a crazy steal, and I highly recommend them.


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  5. bigbenrfan99
    Has anyone had a chance to compare the HF3 to the GH4?
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  6. YonezuKenshi

    This headphone came to my house today.

    This is the first Grado headphone I bought.

    Man, this is a superb headphone.
  7. XLR8
    You chose wisely
  8. lumohomo06
    Would be interested to see the comparison between HF3 and RS2e, too.
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  9. Rwit
    I also would like to hear the comparison to the RS2e
  10. Audio Addict Contributor
    IMG_20190718_145739.jpg Mine arrived so there really isn't much delay between ordering and fulfillment.
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  11. Amish
    Mine arrived too. Took two days. Pretty fast!
  12. arielext
    My orders were a mess. Every time it stated my address didn't match my creditcards, but luckely they could charge me for all tries ...
    How many international users tried to order and at what success rate?
  13. rx79ez08
    I ordered via PayPal. No shipping was charged. Still no notification that it has been shipped yet. Don't know what happened.
  14. Oracle
    I need to become more familiar with the HF3 but I can give some initial thoughts between these two. The RS2e is more relaxed (smoother) sounding with a bit larger soundstage. The HF3 is more aggressive with a bit more bass slam, but with an incredible live like sound. I have around 200 hours on the RS2e and only 2 hours on the HF3 so the sound will likely change a bit like my RS2e's did with time.

    HF3 & RS2e.JPG
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
  15. mks100
    For those that have received their HF3s...

    1. Do they have a Serial Number?
    2. If so, where is it?

    ...thanks in advance.

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