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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. ruhenheiM
    cool! any requirements to purchase this hf3 like previous hf series? or is it widely available in every grado dealers and anyone are able to buy this headphone like buying a normal headphone :D
  2. ESL-1

    I think there will a distribution network for this phone, I would think it will not be a prohibitive procedure. Perhaps John Grado or Jude will be announcing that soon if not already at the show.
  3. mks100
    Can someone explain how the HF1 and HF2 were distributed? I'm anticipating a Pre Order/Massdrop/Drop scenario and want to get in line. Thank you.
  4. ruhenheiM
    maybe you can search the old thread of hf1 or hf2 to have more accurate information but from my memory. you only able to purchase previous hf series from special thread in this forum, you have to provide valid personal and paypal account i think, you have to be headfi member and have some certain minimum post counts, i don't really remember the rest but they only sold that hf series very limited quantity, hf1 around 300 something, hf2 around 500 something.so you just post in that special thread and whoever fastest post in that thread and eligible to purchase the headphone are able to buy the headphone

    there are reasons why this is called HF series. and whoever unlucky to get the headphone just wait a few months on ebay, there will be few around with very highly inflated price
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  5. mks100
    Thank you.
  6. Gippy
    For the HF1 and HF2, there was only one official dealer: Todd the Vinyl Junkie. Pre-orders were taken.
  7. elira
    As far as I understand, Grado was very popular and highly regarded when HF1 and HF2 happened. Lately I’ve seen a tendency to dislike Grados just because they are Grados. Hating Grados is a meme nowadays. I don’t think HF3 will sell like crazy.
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  8. ruhenheiM
  9. Gippy
    The HF2 had the advantage of being a novelty at the time. The PS1000 was a new model and cost $1250+ more. So it was a chance for people to pick up something unique. The PS500 didn't come out until 2 years after the HF2.

    For the HF3, in its price range, it must compete with the GH3, GH4, RS2e, and if you go back a bit, the Bushmills. The HF3 at the moment doesn't seem to have a special hook to it that makes it worth buying ASAP. (The Bushmills was sold out in a day because it was Grado's first attempt at a semi-closed headphone.) It's almost impossible to compare all of them side-by-side, making the Grado wooden midrange lineup rather confusing. That's one reason why I went straight to a flagship, so I wouldn't have to figure out this mess. But not everyone can do that :money_with_wings:
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2019
  10. marca56
    12 - mpNWOLX.png 14 - RFRW5P7.jpg 12 - mpNWOLX.png 14 - RFRW5P7.jpg Well, after my first set of Grado's (a pair of SR-80e's), I wanted a wireless version of the Grado sound so I purchased the GW100's they sound very nice even over Bluetooth. But then, quite by accident, I tried them with the included 3.5mm male to male (AUX) cord and was shocked at how much better they sounded. So that got me looking at various upgrades and mods. I originally was going to just add some wood cups and use the rest of the SR-80e parts including the drivers. But as I asked around and read more reviews, I thought I would go a little further and get some Turbulent drivers instead of using the SR-80e drivers. During my research, I found that there are a few folks that do the custom work and are quite reasonable in terms of pricing. Przem, at Shipabo, was great to work with and does outstanding work. My new headphones cost a lot less than $1,000 but look and sound better than that. I know because I just came back from CanJam SoCal where I tried all the Grado models above the SR-80e's and GW100's. Included are some pictures of my new headphones.
  11. elira
    Are they still Bluetooth?
  12. marca56
    No-- I decided to keep the GW100's as is and use them for traveling with my Mac and when home in the office, use the new ones.
  13. Gippy
    So be honest... how does it compare against the PS2000e? :stuck_out_tongue:
  14. marca56
    They were very close in sound quality, mine are a little brighter I think. But the bigger differences to me are that it's a little lighter and more comfortable. One thing I did on my headset was spec a single female 3.5mm connector. This means that I could use a standard AUX cable and replace it with something a lot nicer. I got this idea from how the GW100 is setup. It does make a difference for keeping the cables out of the way when listening.
  15. DavidA
    If you ever get the chance to listen to a Ypsilon G1 or R1 build you might even consider building your own. For me and a few friends that used to own PS500/e, GS1000i/e, GS2000e and PS1000e the Ypsilon G1 and R1 in larger GS style cups sounded better and like you have found them a relative bargain and lighter in weight.

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