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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. Beagle
    I've owned pretty much every Grado ever made (save the pricier recent offerings) but I do wish they would re-invent themselves by coming up with a new driver and frame design (which would also allow for a proper closed headphone). It's been pretty much all tweaking the same driver for the last 23 years.
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  2. mortcola
    I have a feeling they'll be coming up with a new "concept" next". But as for the driver - they've had at least six new drivers across the product line in the last five years, and their "tweaks" are pretty substantial - hence some very different qualities combined with the "grado sound". I'll be pleased though, if we get something new (not closed - I usually don't like them) - I've just bought too many flagahips, and I'd like a new bit of evidence of what John can do.
  3. ESL-1
    John shares another trait with his Uncle, he is always moving forward.
  4. cathee
    6 new drivers since 2014? Do you have more information on this? I'll be honest I haven't had much interest in their newer products so might be out of the loop.

    What if he comes to a coursing river? A daring cliff? Does he march right along into the inevitable?
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  5. headfry
    These current Grado’s are generally considered to be real and substantial improvements
    in terms of sound/musical quality over their predecessors:




    I own and enjoy the last two....also the GS3000E is extremely well received despite its summit-fi price.

    So, while these all may be just refinements on previous Grado designs, they are all leaders in terms of musical
    quality in their price ranges. And, the GH series is very well regarded in terms of sound quality.

    While I share concerns of the dated, utilitarian designs - and have
    had my S325e break twice despite careful at-home use (and have
    switched to its sibling, the 225e which sounds about as good as the 325e
    but isn’t as prone to breaking due to its much lighter weight) not to mention the
    thick and awkward non-detachable cables in many models - I think Grado has done extremely well
    with at least these models - and I may have missed some. Although there is always room for improvement, as with any brand out there.

    Having said this, I would love to see thoroughly modernized Grados (assuming of course
    that they keep the Grado musical qualitiy).
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  6. Beagle
    Six new drivers or six new "tweaks"?

    I have to say that I am very curious about the GS3000e, as maybe it will give a taste of the PS2000e at a price I might be able to afford. The current exchange of the CDN dollar pretty much kills any opportunity of buying flagships anymore.

    I think you have both, right?
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  7. ESL-1

    Let's not forget that Joe only made the Signature HP series which was reasonably priced but certainly not an inexpensive product line in that timeframe. I had the pleasure of knowing Joe and he truly was a Renaissance Man with many innovations and designs to his credit.

    I have known John for a long number of years and have seen the effort he puts into making what in my opinion is truly a fine product line of headphones and cartridges covering a very wide range. He is dedicated to making his best possible in whatever range the model fits, from the least expensive to his top models.

    Sound and the reproducers of sound become a very personal consideration. In my humble opinion I feel that the Grado PS2000e is the best sounding Grado Labs has ever made. I currently own more than a few including the Signature HP-2 which I really like very very much.

    "May we all enjoy our personal favorites in all we do."
  8. AndyBurns
    To take it a little further...just like a fine guitar top...as the mahogany cups age, the sound should change. For the better, like a fine wine.
  9. mortcola
    The tweaks are more than tweaks, but maybe less than new. Thing is, he gets such a range of distinct voices out of each iteration that the grey area doesn’t matter to me. Yes I have both....but there is something intoxicating about the 3000...it communicates....sound leaps off them....less controlled but more “organic” in a way...I spend far more time with the new wooden babies than the more “refined” PS2000e. Try to grab a listen....
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  10. Beagle
    You're not making it easy not to :grin: It is becoming increasingly difficult to demo flagships anymore. There are Grado dealers but they only stock the lower to mid priced items. You have to special order the higher-ups, which means you have to buy them sight unseen (heard).
  11. Gippy
    When Grado updated their headphones to the "e-series" in 2014, they updated their 40mm drivers. The "red" 40mm drivers are used from the SR60e all the way up to the PS500e/RS2e. Within those, the drivers are tweaked, but it's probably the same fundamental driver. According to a number of people, this made the lower-end Grados warmer, but the higher-end Grados less warm. The PS500 non-e (or HF2) still remains Grado's warmest non-flagship. The GH2, released later, uses a tweaked red driver and packs a warm punch due to the cocobolo housing, though it's not as warm as the PS500.

    The RS1e, GS1000e, and PS1000e were then given 50mm drivers. You can notice this by a small indentation in the middle of the driver. The GS2000e was released later and given a tweaked "purple" 50mm driver. The reception of the 50mm driver has been lukewarm. The RS1e is unusual in that it's equipped with L-cush, while the 50mm driver is tuned for the G-cush. This caused some people to prefer the RS2e/GH2 over the RS1e, though others like the less bright RS1e. The GS1000e/GS2000e/PS1000e have all had their haters because there is something off about the 50mm driver tuning.

    The GS3000e and PS2000e have a completely new 50mm driver with a unique hole layout. While those headphones are still bright, the reception has been more well-received. Owning both the GS2000e and GS3000e, I can say the latter is a huge improvement.
  12. SptsNaz
    Managed to finally score a vintage pair (vintage B I believe) of RS-1's on ebay recently for a really nice price


    Both the box and headphones have some cosmetic blemishes but you can't really expect ~20 year old headphones that were used to be in perfect shape (especially for the price I paid). They sound really nice and I would say on par or better than my HP1000's. The mid range is not as meaty as on the latter, but separation and soundstage is better with these RS1's. They are slightly colored which actually makes for a nice contrast to the HP1000's which are almost neutral to a fault
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  13. Shane D
    There is set of these on Canuck Audio Mart with a custom box. They look pretty cool. The guy is asking $1K or about $650.00, US.

    Shane D
  14. Beagle
    Our dollar is down to 65 cents?
  15. Shane D
    Not that I know of.:blush:

    Apparent I suck doing the conversion the other way. I think we are still close to 75 cents. I get confused by the 1.35 multiple.

    Shane D

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