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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. aravaioli
    I finally managed to acquire about a month ago a GS1000i on Ebay and I vastly prefer it to the "e" version I owned briefly. I no longer have it with me so I could not do an A/B comparison with my Lehmann Linear and Grahams Slee Solo Ultra linear diamond edition (the Graham Slee is a particularly good match for all my Grados). It does not show the sign of those forward to shouty mids that had me turning down the volume on the GS1000e to lower volumes than all my other Grados; those reminded me the Focal Elear for mids forwardness and dynamism (but most certainly without the half kilo weight and the recessed highs). The "i" model are also darker and more laid back, just as described by so many others, with deep bass and just enough mids and highs for my personal taste. Those are keepers for me, however not my #1 choice which remains the PS1000. There is just more in the sound of the PS1000, mostly in the mids and highs, and possibly not only there. I do not appreciate much difference in terms of soundstage, which is the part that the GS1000e possibly did best than anyone else (save HD800, of course).

    My current ranking of all Grados I own or have owned is:

    1. PS1000
    2. GS1000i
    3. GH2 = PS500e
    4. PS500
    5. GS1000e
    6. SR-80e
  2. odessamarin
    good! on more thing for GS1000i vs PS1000, somehow I can listen much longer and relaxed.
    PS1000 perfect but make me tired after a while... IMHO.
  3. trellus
    That white Grado looks garrish. Definitely not pretty to me. :sweat_smile:
  4. Beagle
    Is it me, or does it look like a roll of toilet paper?

    And I'm a big Grado fan.
    cathee, HungryPanda and trellus like this.
  5. trellus
    Lol, now that you mention it... yes, it does! :laughing:

    And yeah, count me in as a Grado fan, too. I love the look (and sound) of my gold, anniversary Grado SR 325i. This white model just doesn’t work from a visual standpoint. :sweat_smile:
  6. Mad Max
    K701 still sports a "toilet bowl white" look, and it still sells.
    A "toilet paper" looking Grado should be fine, haha!
  7. Gippy
    The K701 doesn't look like it used wood that came out of Ikea
  8. Beagle
    Depending on your view of the "White Album", perhaps it is appropriate.
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  9. gregorya
    Grado should include four 8x10 glossy photos of various Grado family members in the box to really play up the White Album tribute... not sure if there's room for a poster... :)
  10. wormsdriver
    Speaking of the White Album, I wish Giles Martin would remix everything!... Not just the Beatles catalog, but EVERYTHING! Lol:smiling_imp:
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2019
  11. cathee
    I've said this before (when I found out about Grados partnership with JetBlue) and I'll say it again: since Joe left us to make headphones for the Big Man Upstairs, Grados have taken an unfortunately turn for the worse. John is an absolute gentleman and a wealth of Grados knowledge but he is not the brilliant mind Joe was. And don't even get me started on the younger Jonathon....

    I've rolled around the Grado-verse trying most, if not all of the current production sets, and if I'm honest - my pinky SR80 and HP1000 HP1s are the only Grados I'll keep in my collection. DIY Grados are far far superior to any production models at this point.
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  12. Douger333
    PS2000e and GH2 and GH4 are also worthy, I have a friend who recently sold HP1000's and said the PS2Ke's are better, Gh2 and 4 are very close!

  13. DavidA
    Agree with you about some of the DIY builds being better than many of the current gen offerings but to me its the high end stuff (GS1000e and up) where I feel Grado has fallen behind.
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  14. cathee
    Oh definitely! That's was kinda what I was trying to imply, I don't think the current generation have the ability to improve on any of Joe's designs. (Hence the focus on other aspects of the business, and not the craft). But that's life.
  15. headfry
    The 225e is excellent and substantially better sounding than its very popular predecessor.
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