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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. joseph69
    Your headphones need their own house!
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  2. Shane D
    An FYI for the Canucks in the group:

    Bay Bloor Radio in Toronto has the GH3's on sale for $349.00 and the GH4's for $549.00, with free shipping.

    Shane D
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2019
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  3. ESL-1

    A really good sounding and comfortable phone, great value. Grado's least expensive wood body ever, super light.
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  4. ESL-1
    Not to forget that as a limited production Grado Heritage series when they are gone they are gone.
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  5. Shane D
    That is only 1/3 of the list price of the GH2's, so, that is a Smokin' deal.
    That is about what I paid for my SR325e's.

    Shane D
  6. Gippy
    Meanwhile, at Bay Bloor Radio, the GS3000e has gone up +$100 CAD to $2399. The PS2000e stays at $3599. 13% sales tax really hurts, making the GS3000e $2711 after-tax, and the PS2000e $4067 after-tax. With those exorbitant retail prices, I feel very fortunate to have acquired my GS3000e used for $1450 no-tax. However, I've also noticed that the SR60e has gone down -$20 to $99. Interesting.

    Bay Bloor Radio must have a special relationship with Grado, as they are the only retailer I've seen that has discounted models from time to time. In 2012, they had the SR60i for just $66 CAD + tax to celebrate their 66th anniversary.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2019
  7. Shane D
    Is is rare to see anyone post a Grado sale. I assumed that Grado has strict public pricing policies.

    Shane D
  8. MacedonianHero Contributor
    I got a great deal on my PS2000e there last summer (like $900 less than what you've listed). They do offer deals from time to time.
  9. ESL-1

    The distribution retail price in Canada is not totally controlled as it is in the U.S. Unfortunately, the price there still tends to be high.
  10. MacedonianHero Contributor
    I paid $2699 Cdn. retail. :)
  11. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Can I ask, given the extreme amount of competition around these prices, do you feel that you are paying a Grado premium because they do control pricing far more than other companies, or do you feel they deserve to be at that price point (the regular retail)?
  12. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Sennheiser and others are the same way. But if you look, there are deals, plus there is the used market too.
  13. ESL-1
    How much you do or do not like Grados I feel that all the one's I like (most all minus one) I feel they are all fairly priced and more often than not compare with more expensive competitors anywhere near their range.

    PS. Guess what?, I do happen to like Grados very much and have always had more than a few.
  14. ESL-1

    Good Deal.....I know you enjoy them, they are special IMHO.
  15. Gippy
    I actually find that there isn't. One of the main selling points of the GS3000e is that it's a lightweight. The only other full-sized headphones at the $1500-2000 USD price point that don't weigh like a brick are the HD800S, the X5000, and the Ether 2. Audeze/Hifiman/ZMF are absolutely out of the question.

    The PS2000e is a heavy monster though, so no comment on that :kissing:

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