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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. TooFrank
    Just ordered the “beautiful” ear pads for my dear GH2’s on your recommendation :) Think this will be “better” although in a smaller scale... (2 weeks ago I joined the Focal fan Club by buying the Stellia’s.... It should stop now....)
  2. Shane D
    You'll have to post your thoughts on them. I was going to get them, but Damn they're expensive. Of course if you are buying Stellia's, price is not a issue.:ksc75smile:
    What do you think of the Stellia's so far?

    What are you running your headphones through? Did you know that could put all your gear in your signature, so guys like me wouldn't keep asking questions.:blush:

    Shane D
  3. TooFrank
    Point taken, maybe I should update my signature, however the stuff is in the inventory list:)
    I will give you feedback on the handmade pads. Yes they’re expensive, but hope they’re worth it, both in terms of comfort and sound.
    For me the Stellia’s was a price issue! Took really long negotiations over several weeks with my inner demon and the bank. But, honestly, I am deeply in love...
    FWIW, I play cd or hi-res from my iMac (Roon) via a pro-ject pre box s2 digital DAC and a Graham Slee Ultra Linear Diamond Edition AMP. So you see the Stellia’s is indeed a big investment....but that should probably go in a different thread....
  4. Shane D
    VERY nice gear! Really curious to hear your feedback on the pads. There was a flurry of activity a while back but I haven't heard anything since.

    Shane D
  5. DavidA
    @Shane D, I had a pair of the beautiful audio ear pads on loan from another head-fi member and while they are more comfortable than L-pads to me they changed the sound too much, bass a touch muddy/bloated, mids not affected as much but a bit fuller iirc and the highs were a bit too rolled off/cut/recessed to me. Mainly used the BA pads with my RS2e, Ypsilon R1 and Nhoord Red V2.
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  6. Shane D
    I went to some G-cush knock offs a few months ago and I am very happy with the sound and comfort. Cost me about $15.00.

    Shane D
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  7. Geezer Rock 001
    I was the one who got a little buzz going on the Beautiful Audio cushions. At that time I was brand new to the Grado on ear cushions and I found the BA s to be a welcome change to the on ear physical sensation.
    They were interesting with their two densities of foam inserts to alter the comfort and the sound as DavidA said. In talking to their inventor, I found that they were developed and the foam inserts only on a SR325 as that was all he had for his testing in New Zealand.
    After quite a bit of pad rolling, I found that their performance on a SR60e and a SR225e was quite pleasing. On other Grados they were hit and miss.
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  8. DavidA
    I'm like you and quite like the generic G-pads from ebay but they are usually available for $4-5/pair and QC of the pads can vary a lot so I usually but 3-4 different ones from a variety of vendors and hope that I get 1 or 2 sets that I like. I do have a set of OEM G-pads but I don't use them much since the edge which touches your head is a bit harder than the generic ones.

    @Geezer Rock 001, thanks for the chance to use the BA pads and sorry to the really late return to you.
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  9. TooFrank
    Hmmm...thanks. My BA pads are just being shipped. The intended use is with the GH2’s but I also have the SR80i to compare with.
  10. ESL-1
    Headfier and buddy Bozebutton recommended to me the BA hybrid for the GH2. He was really liking the combo. I already very much liked my GH2 but agree that I feel that they do work very well together sonically in addition to looking and feeling great. Be sure your headphones are fully broken in before trying and judging them. That said it is all very personal and "your mileage may vary"

    I feel that they are well worth a try at least in that match up......
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2019
  11. TooFrank
    Thanks a lot. I’ve enjoyed my GH2’s since they were released, much of the time with the tvvj deluxe flat pads and of course the L pads (but never the G pads though). So I do look forward to trying the hybrid BA pads:ksc75smile:
  12. Geezer Rock 001
    I have a pair of brown merinos with head band and a pair of blue hybrids with head band in my spares box if anyone is looking for a used pair. PM me.
  13. ESL-1
    Please post your thoughts and impressions once you have had them for a while,.

  14. ruthieandjohn
    I just discovered that my new home in Poulsbo, WA has a perfect ledge over the stairway to our lower level on which to display my Grado headphones. So far I have gotten 6 matching stands and have placed my complete Grado Reference Series... RS1e, RS1i, RS1, RS2e, RS2i, and RS2.

    If I get 8 more headphone stands, I will fill up the ledge and be able to display the rest of my on-ear Grados.

    For the over-ear Grados, I would need more stands than will fit there. Maybe I need a bigger house!?
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2019
  15. peskypesky
    If I were you, I would just invest in a good set of speakers.

    My brother has a pair of Grado PS1000s....and they are no match at all for his B&W Nautilus speakers. They gather dust.

    Buy these for your house:
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2019
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