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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. HungryPanda
    I gave my wife my 325e after I lucked into the original 325 that came with flat cushions
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  2. neoclassical
    I just have SR60's and crappy earbuds. I'm thinking of treating myself to 125's around the holidays.
  3. wormsdriver
    too damn pricey! :frowning2:
  4. wormsdriver
    I sold mine too! :grinning:

    I'm also using the Ps2ke :yum:
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  5. joseph69
    I was listening to both my PS1K & 2Ke one night last week swapping between every few tracks with each.
    I enjoyed both, but as I mentioned, I really don't use the PS1K, so it's time for it to go to
    someone who will.
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  6. Johnny Jumper
    I’ve heard that’s a good move. I have the SR60s too. One day I’d like to move up to a metal or wood cup config. Not sure the 125 will be that big of an upgrade.
  7. panoptikon
    Thought I'd contribute with some impressions of the PS2000e after a number of month with them now. I will focus only on sound impressions - the Grado comfort, portability, etc., you know well.

    A few things first:
    i) My musical preferences go mainly into different genres within pop and rock, mostly stuff that people might classify as "indie", "alternative" or, if you have sarcastic intentions, "hipster". Recently I've listened a lot to The National, Alex Lahey, Kevin Morby, Public Service Broadcasting and Brandi Carlile, to name a few. I do also always circulate a little punkrock, with band such as Bad Religion, Hot Water Music and Pennywise stepping up the tempo. Soul and RnB come in now and then.
    ii) All my electronics are from Heed Audio. For the American reader they might not be familiar, but they to have a reputation in the European context. Formerly British, design and production are now made in Hungary. The amp I have is the Heed Canalot with the power supply Q-PSU, and the DAC the Obelisk DA. For their amps, Heed uses a special circuit typology with RC-coupled output. Sonically, their electronics provide a thick and warm signature, but without loosing dynamics. They are not detail monsters, but could said to provide many strong sides from both solid state and tube amps. It's lush, driven and with great rhythmic precision. The emotional impact is at the center.
    iii) The only other headphone I own right now is the Audioquest Nightowl. I do not use it with my Heed electronics but with my Mojo when I'm on travels. I have previously also owned the PS1000e, GH1, Hifman HE1000v2 and the Audeze LCD-3f. I have auditioned headphones like Utopia, LCD-4 and HD800.

    The PS2000e is, all and all, the best headphone I have had the pleasure to own, and perhaps also ever heard. For me, it really excels in three areas. First of all, it provide a sonic texture and tonal realism that come unparalleled. This especially goes for the middle range. Voices/vocals, what we all are made to hear the best of course, are produced in such a life-like manner that it captures my complete attention. Perhaps especially female vocals. With eyes closed it has never been so easy for me to imagine the singer in front of me, and I think vocals switches been focus/centered and spatially expanding in a very pleasant way. In this regard, it really steps up from the PS1000e.

    Second, the soundstage is just right. It's big, perhaps Grado's biggest, but not too big. I am always able to capture the whole scenery if I want to, and nothing feels exaggerated. Different sounds/instruments relate to each other in a very realistic manner, everything feels in place, differently positioned but always close to you as a listener. As should be with a Grado. There is however a nice sense of depth, but perhaps rivals like the Utopia are even more competent in this area.

    Thirdly, for a dynamic headphone, the speed and pace of these headphones are just great. They are extremely fast, competing with planars in this area.

    More than that, the bass provide a lot of texture and feels very well balanced. I've had headphones with greater bass impact but I really appreciate how it contributes to the total. The treble is extending in a very pleasant way without ever being too forced. I have extremely sensitive ears so I easily react on high frequencies, but that has never been a problem here. Instead, the treble has a very sweet tone but also manage to capture the realism of any instrument.

    At the the prices these come at, you expect them to sound great. Somehow, the PS2000e exceeds my expectations. There is the factor that I feel these headphones pair extremely well with my electronics: I have had headphones, like the LCD-3f, that didn't and which I wouldn't be able to judge fairly. So I feel extremely lucky with this combo, and I finally feel relieved that I found my end game headphone. At least until Grado put another letter after the 2000.
  8. neoclassical
    Wood cup Grados would be nice. I heard going from 60's to 80's wouldn't be much difference, but 60's to 125's would be really noticeable. Someday I would like to hear $300 and up cans.
  9. ruthieandjohn
    @panopticon ... I too find the PS2000e to be Special, indeed, the best of my over two dozen Grados (including the PS1000, the wonderful GS1000i, and the revered HP1000 of the legend Joseph Grado). Of all these, the PS2000e, when paired with the mystical Joseph Grado HPA1 Headphone amp, is the most MAGICAL!
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  10. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Agreed completely! Except I don't have the HPA1 amp...so my Chord DAVE or Hugo2 will have to suffice. :)
  11. goldminetrash
    IMG_20180915_190936_801.jpg IMG_20180915_190815_427.jpg Saturday evening, wife and twins are at a birthday party - and I am having a headphone party with my Grado twins, RS2e and GH2!
  12. wormsdriver
    Is it just me or are nice Grado pictures always appreciated on here?:sunglasses::ok_hand:
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  13. goldminetrash
    you're welcome :)
  14. PhenixS1970
    i’m joining this Sat evening party :)

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  15. muletrane
    I’m jealous of all these GH2’s.
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