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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. trellus
    I’d bet the SR80e. They are on my shopping list! Would love the open Grado sound on the go. Currently, I will ocassionally take my shallow-cup Alessandro MS1e and plug them into a Bluetooth receiver that’s connected wirelessly to my iPhone... but it’s still less than desirable given the thickness of and weight of the cable.
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  2. DavidA
    As @joseph69 noted they fit but to answer the second part about "improve" the sound it depends on what you are looking for and which G-pads you get. There is the Grado OEM G-pad ($35-40), Earzonk G-pad ($20) and cheap one from ebay ($4-6) and they all sound will affect the sound a bit. I pretty much stay with the cheap ebay ones but I do order 3-4 pairs at a time and just pick the pair that sounds the best but it has more to do with comfort since the ebay ones are the softest I've found so far and they tend to boost the bass a few dB but it might not be a good boost depending on the construction of the pads as some have found. The OEM G-pads are the least comfortable due to the slightly harder edge but they are very consistent in build quality while the ebay ones are hit or miss at times.
  3. joseph69
  4. ruhenheiM
    they fit all the models, except egrado i think. they do alter the sound, not sure if it'll be improvement in sound but they do improve in comfort aspect

    based on the model number, i think it should be sr125, the price alone roughly in that area

    wow,they updated their website.looks clean.
    those black label turned out to be limited items

    i bet they will release another gw models

    you should looking for this one :D
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2018
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  5. Johnny Jumper
    you should looking for this one :D

    Gimme, gimme! I just have sell a kidney to afford it!
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  6. Johnny Jumper
    Back to earpads, anyone have experience with sheepskin custom pads for their Grados? The one L-pads I got from Amazon aren’t too comfortable. I have some NAD VISO HD50’s that are super comfy but closed back. I want that cushiness on my open back Grados.
  7. DavidA
    This might interest you:
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  8. joseph69
    I've never seen those H-D headphones before.
    I like how they made the cups look like pistons, very cool.
  9. joseph69
    I didn't realize how much Grado was into headphone themes.
  10. ruhenheiM
    that's probably a real part

  11. joseph69
    You're right.
    I realized that after going back and this time reading the description which states "The Grado HDx is now the first headphone built from a motorcycle" instead of just looking at them.
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  12. wormsdriver
    I could see the Grado family having their own T.V. show much like the old American Choppers T.V. show. Companies would commission them to make a themed Chopper and they (Orange County Choppers) would build them a bike from the ground up incorporating something unique from that company in the build much like Grado has been doing on these special builds. It would be very cool in my opinion. Headphones and maybe they could get in the Turntable building business at least for these custom builds. :)
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  13. joseph69
    This was 100% my thoughts last nigh about American Choppers (which I never cared for) after seeing all the themed headphone, not realizing Grado had so many.
  14. tricolor
    Hope all is well! thanks for sharing... I was contemplating having my Beyerdynamics modified... and I saw the mods for Grado as well.

    I am sure the quality must be outstanding, but it's just one of those "amazing looking pieces of art", but expensive as hell decisions that won't fall into my priority list right now...

    The Beyerdynamic pads are really comfy... it's probably a really good match for the Grados...

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