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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. techinblack
    Seems ms1 fits better my needs. I found sr80e a bit harsh on treble
  2. muletrane
    Anyone have experience with the Aune X7S and Grados? Preferably the RS2e and PS500e. Looking for a nice class A solid state or tube hybrid and this looks promising. I currently have a Grado RA1 and Little Dot 1+. Love both!
  3. Astral Abyss
    I like the GH2 for metal, especially prog and deathcore. It's got enough punch on the bottom end to not sound hollow, and in fact digs quite deep with good impact with any synth bass, drum blasts, and bass guitar, while still maintaining nice clear vocals, focused strings, and cymbal hits.

    BTW, what's your favorite Opeth album? I only have Ghost Reveries, which I like. I'd like to try some of their other stuff.
  4. gazzington
    Hi. Thanks I’ll read up on gh2. You have to listen to still life and black water park. The newer stuff is far more prog but still awesome
  5. RollinHard843
    I have the gh2 and rs2e and they were both fine with metal, but i liked the gh2 more for the genre based on similar reasons already outlined (slightly more bass, slightly smoother treble).

    Metal tends to be very "scooped" sounding, and when i listened to Dream Theaters Awake on a GS1000i, i couldnt think of a worse pairing. If youre listening to something more raw sounding like neurosis, than itll sound fine. But most metal doesnt sound like that
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  6. ruthieandjohn
    371F2D08-0E66-4A06-96AA-7D74DB63CC6E.jpeg In comparing my various Grados (see picture), I find the RS2e to be superb and intermediate in price to the SR60 and the PS2000, as requested.
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  7. muletrane
    Just pulled the trigger on a used Woo Audio WA6!!!! Pumped!!!
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  8. Joong
    Why so many phones of same brand?
    In my case, I need set of compliments with different brands to cover my listening needs.
    Why so serious?
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2018
  9. Johnny Jumper
    I, for one, like it that some are focused on a single brand to give us some comparisons in the lines. But I also have a variety of brands and models to use for different occasions and different kinds of music.

    BTW, I just upgraded my SR60’s by adding L-cushions. First trial run tells me that it’s a great upgrade to the sound.
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  10. trellus
    I'm sure he can answer for himself, but just a quick glance at his profile (and having read him mention before), reveals he definitely has a lot more than just Grado's. He just particularly also happens to really like Grado headphones. :)
  11. WilliamLeonhart
    All S-cush Grado are conpatible with Ls and vice versa. G cushs in my experiences are a different storry
  12. Johnny Jumper
    How are the G cushions different? Do they not fit or just not improve the sound?
  13. joseph69
    Grado cushions fit all SR/RS/GS/PS models.
  14. joseph69
    That's nice looking.

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