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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. Johnny Jumper
    Thanks, but I mean I’m on a limited budget. Is it worth it to move up from the SR60 to the SR325 or even to the RS1? I’ve read that they all sound similar, especially with the right ear pads.
  2. Johnny Jumper
    And now there is a PS500
  3. ruhenheiM
    sr325 quite interesting, not sure if it's worth but it certainly different from sr60. i've owned rs1 button, i don't think it's worth for the money, especially when you could get used ps1000/ps1000e for pretty much the same cost of brand new rs1. based on my experience that's pretty much the grado's sweet spot on budget. get sr60 have fun with it and save some money then look around for second hand ps1000/ps1000e

    used rs1 usually goes around $350-500, most of the time go higher than that if it's older model of rs1 so yeah not that cheap, i rather pay little bit more to get used ps1000e than used rs1 but if you could get rs1 around $250, then it would be really worth

    btw i mostly listen rock and metal, that's why i prefer ps1000e to rs1. rs1 sound superb for acoustic, unplugged live music sound amazing with rs1 but i rarely listen to that
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  4. sling5s
    Really thought Stax was the thing for me and was never going to go back to Grados again, but back at Grados again. :)
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2018
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  5. ruhenheiM
    i'm really curious with sr007a
  6. WilliamLeonhart
    If I could evet get a RS1 at $250 I’d sell it right away and perhaps get twice the amount.

    By the way with the RS2e I really don’t miss my RS1e at all.
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  7. DavidA
    I have a little different take on this: I have a SR60, SR225e and RS2e, all great and different sounding, as you go up in price it a noticeable difference and worth the price IMO. Above the RS2e is where I differ since I much prefer alternative drivers like Magnum V8, Ypsilon R1 or G1 and Nhoord Red V2, all of which can be had for around the price of the RS2e but to me and some others these are more in line with the GH/PS/GS series and they are DIY but there are some who will build it for you. A few pictures for you to think about:

    Latest 3 builds.jpg
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  8. gazzington
    I have one with a turbulent X driver. Sounds really good
  9. techinblack
    Anyone know the difference between grado ms1 and grado sr80e?
  10. ruhenheiM
    i think someone mentioned at couple pages back, they bought used rs1 about 250-300, i'm not really sure though i just remember it was very good deal

    allegedly ms1 is on par with sr125 driver, specs wise. based on previous generation of allesandro, usually they sound more balance, little bit tame in treble, little bit laid back in mid than grado. but i haven't check the e series on allesandro
  11. gazzington
    Are rs1 or rs2 good for classic rock or metal?
  12. ruhenheiM
    on rs1. classic rock still okay, acoustic guitar like eric clapton's unplugged sound really great with rs1. but metal... no. if i'm not mistaken you like opeth, right? you would be disappointed listening opeth's blackwater park on rs1
  13. gazzington
    I do indeed like opeth. Which grado would you recommend?
  14. ruhenheiM
    ps1000e. sr60 on budget, sr325(gold) also great on metal although the treble really piercing
  15. techinblack
    Thank you for your quick answer

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