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  1. dannyvstheworld
    And you can adjust the volume if you want. For me the only thing that annoys me in the cinema is the super high volume. Especially for every blockbuster movie that I had to put on my earphones to reduce the sound sometimes.
  2. gregorya
    Now you need to get a tube tester tester.... :wink:
  3. ruhenheiM
    haha yea that one also. did you really do that? wearing a headphone in cinema? that's hardcore!
  4. tricolor
    Sorry if this if off topic, but thanks for sharing the video, quite entertaining for sure...

    I wonder the treasure hunt feeling must be quite cool! and find all the neat stuff burried in shelves...hehe

    For those in Montréal area, there is a cool place named Musée des ondes Émile Berliner around St Henri neighborhood... it is quite "simple", but there are some neat equipment and displays from the RCA / Victor era...

  5. goldminetrash
    back to my RS2e vs GH2 impressions: one interesting thing is that I always seem to prefer to the RS2e while listening to vinyl and to the GH2 when I choose the digital route (cd or Imac). Maybe it's the extra warmth of the gh2 when listening to already warm sounding analog Media?
  6. dannyvstheworld
    Yeah I really did, the IEMs did a great job in reducing the high frequency sound, like car crashing, swords clashing..

    While others may think I was having some kind of hearing aid..
  7. goldminetrash
    my headphones:
    Sennheiser HD650
    Sennheiser IE80 (in ear)
    Grado RS2e
    Grado GH2

    The HD650 were my first "proper" headphones. I must have bought them 10 years ago, after those devilish apple ipod earpods and Koss Porta Pro - crazy how back then I thought I would already move into headphone hifi level with Koss...
    Anyhow, the 650 were a relevation back then - and still are. I spent my 20s and half of my 30s listening to these cans. And I would never want to give them away. They are just perfect for what they represent and stand for. I have so many memories of exploring the various layers of my favourite songs during sleepless nights with the 650. Something I am doing again now after our twin babies were born one month ago :)

    The IE80 I have in use since aprox. 5 years. They are quite worn out by now but still serve their purpose perfectly. That is: Listening to music over my phone while taking the subway/metro, train or bus, while walking/going out/practicing sports or just to chill in the sun next to a lake on one of those neverending summer days. The in ear configuration is not my preffered listening method, but again: these little gems sound quite spectacular for what they are and how much they cost. I would say they cover about 90% of the sound capabilities of the HD650, which shows how much effort Sennheiser put into these in ears. Highly recommended too, if you dont mind that they will look rather dirty and nasty soon.

    My journy into team Grado began 2 years ago with the RS2e. I thought I missed some "audiophilia", the warm analog buzz (some may also call it voodoo) that I enjoy so much while listening to vinyl via my Canton Ergo 902dc speakers. After some research online, I thought that Grado could potentially serve my needs well and thus ordered the RS2e. And I think I nailed it with this one. Not only the RS2e seem to be the sweet spot in the whole Grado lineup (in terms of money-sound ratio), they immediatly hit a sweet spot in my heart. They are very well balanced, tonally involving and - while not accurate like the HD650 - seem to transort that kind of "mojo magic" that I associated with analogue music on well pressed vinyl. Plus: I thought and still think that they look simple timeless, beautiful and amazing. Up to this day I still examine them with the very same thought: Hello beautiful! :)

    Now back to the future - Two weeks ago I purchased another Grado headphone, the GH2 limited edition series. I was hestinant before if I really need another Grado and should betray my beloved RS2e. My anwer, after spendig some delightful nights with the GH2, is an definitve YES and YES! Although one does not really betray the other Grado headhpone - the GH2 and RS2 rather seem to compliment each other. I think of them as twins with the same roots and DNA, who then decided to go to different scientific paths / universities after graduating. The GH2 are even warmer tuned than the RS2, which now even seem analytical in comparison. The big pro of this feature is that the GH2 make all digital media (CD, digital radio/tv, apple lossless music from my iMac) sound more like that analogue sound that I love so much. They reproduce sounds as if I would listen to the music on a well pressed and mastered MFSL LP. It's honestly addicting.. I want to listen to my whole computer music libray again, just to hear my digital files with the "mojo" I thought they were missing! But wait... this mojo has a price too. The con side of the GH2 is - that I dont really like to listen to "real" vinyl records with them. The RS2e seem to do a nicer job with black wax - as they rather represend the sound "as is" instead of adding fuzzy warmth. The GH2 with their added warmess seem to multiply the already existent vinyl warmness - and the end product seems rather bloated in that context. Not that this wouldnt be nice on its own right too... but as I am free to choose now which Grado do use for each situation, I feell like proclaiming: The RS2e wins for analog listening, the GH2 wins for digital listening (which almost seems analog through these cans). I would not want to give away either of them, they are too fascinationg for abandoning those beautiful wooden cans. But for the analog crowd on this forum I would still rather recommend the RS2e. They are just so fun to listen to. As are the GH2 -especially for CDs - but RS2 are still my absolute price/performance winners.

    Thank you for reading!
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  8. jaywillin
    thanks for your impressions, i have the GH2 and i've really wanted to give the rs2e a try, very helpful write up !
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  9. ruthieandjohn

    In this article, , a test was conducted using a Grado RS2e headphones to see if listeners could distinguish a $2.50 digital transmission cable from a $350.00 cable. This was in the presence of The Amazing Randi, aka James Randi, for whom an institute to challenge claims of pseudo science has been formed.

    Fascinating read. Upshot is that folk could NOT hear a difference, but that many agreed that the test conditions (A/B/X at a conference of sceptics for brief listening sessions) might not be representative of real use.
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  10. ruhenheiM
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  11. Jake21

    I was intrigued by your thoughts regarding Grado headphones performance at lower volumes, so I recently experimented a little with my 225e and found what you said to be true. I listened to Radiohead's album "The King of Limbs". The album has a plethora of fine detail. I listened to it on a volume level that was just a few notches below what I'm typically comfortable to. The album just felt more intact at a lower volume.
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  12. joseph69
    I received my 6XX yesterday, and they only have +/-15hrs on them.
    I'm listening to them right now via XLR with my GS-X Mk2. For years all I've read about was the Sennheiser veil, and all I have to say is what veil???
    These headphones are nothing but enjoyable to listen too even with minimum hrs of burn-in.
  13. ruhenheiM
    congrats joseph! i'm glad the waiting time turned out to be really worth :D i'm looking forward for your assessment
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  14. ostewart
    It highly depends on the amp. I still always hear a little bit of a veil (details smoothed over) with the HD650 but out of the right amp they do sound very good compared to out of a mediocre amp. It would seem your amp in balanced provides good power and synergy with them :)
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