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Grado cloth headphone cable?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by gato7, Dec 28, 2012.
  1. Gato7
    New guy here, go easy. I've just gotten myself some Grado 225i's, and so far I love the sound. But the design, the plastic, and most of all the cheap cable annoys me. I'm looking for a cloth (cotton sheathed) cable that would work with the Grados. If it were a 1-sided connection on these cans, I'd be set; I'd just get a cloth guitar cable and strip that. Unfortunatly I can't chop a guitar cable into a Y cable, which is why I come to you; where can I buy/what can I do to get a cloth headphone cable? I'm looking to spend less than 120$.
  2. Gato7
    Bump. And I am willing to do solder work/anything else that would be required.
  3. zazex
    First, the 225i's design and components are designed to work together for the sound achieved.
    Second, the cable is not 'cheap'. 
    Of course it's not $500/meter cable, but it competes very well with other headphone cable
    in the 225i's price range (and higher).
    My suggestion is that you try getting used to the headphones as they are at least for a little while;
    they have a great tendency to grow on people.  Many years of testing and design choices have gone
    into them. If you're still not happy with them after a month or so,then you can go searching for mods
    or return/sell them.
  4. Gato7
    Very well. I shall use my headphones for a while before considering a new cable. I do plan on purchasing Mahogany full cups for mine in a few weeks. I guess I just would rather have a different headphone cable, as this one annoys me for some reason.

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