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Grado 325i too heavy for outdoor use. Need an alternative for Metal music. Also, why is everyone in London wearing Monster Beats by Dre Headphones?

  1. Bloodflowerz
    Hello all,
    I have a pair of Grado 325i headphones which I find heavy and uncomfortable. I am looking to replace them with something lighter and more comfortable which I can use on my travels too via my Zune HD. I predominately listen to death/thrash/goth/femme/metalcore music and I am looking for a set of portable headphones up to £200 (£$250). I guess they should be closed in design but I am happy to purchase open headphones if they isolate good enough. Also, they must be easy to drive, no amp. Anyone have any recommendations?
    On another note, is it me or is London being infested with young teens wearing Monster Beats by Dr. Dre headphones? Are they any good or is it just good marketing? I'm not interested as, with the iPhone, I would hate to be a Lemming...
  2. AudioTroll
    check out senn´s HD-25 
    they are ligth (140g)
    closed and easily driven..
    and for me at least comfortable,
    they do clamp a bit, but are so ligth I hardly notice them on :)
    for portable use I wont find anything better I think..
    Bloodflowerz likes this.
  3. TheMiddleSky
    Senn HD25 for sure

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