Got Ultrasone Signature Pro but there's an anomaly with it that I need your input on before I act
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Mar 30, 2008
So based on reviews from savvy people here, I went ahead and ordered Ultrasone Signature Pro from an Australian vendor. I will not mention the name here. I went through many complications with them like a small debit they made on my credit card and asked me to verify it and my bank could not see the transaction till three days passed etc... It was SO tough but their communication was mostly quick and responsive. And the price was two hundred dollars less than what the actual cost is.
I received the headphone NOT from Australia but from Hong Kong. OK. No problem. I thought they must have a store there or whatever.
The box and packaging plus the headphones are genuine and new.
I took them out and plugged them in and the sound was incredibly good.
The next thing that happened was nothing short of traumatic. The left ear went dead after two minutes.
I changed the cable with the other provided one with the big jack and inserted it in the C4 player and the same: left ear is dead. No sound from it. I shook the headset gently. Nothing happens and there's no sound from the left ear. Blood pressure went high and ran home.
Took some pills and later on I wrote the vendor. The person replied to me saying they are sorry and will email me the solution the next day because they were closed at the time (considering the time difference between UAE and Australia).
I tried them on at night and to my surprise, the set was functional from both the cans. PERFECT sound. These are Ultrasone Ed 9 put in feather-light material and looks rugged and sturdy.
Again, after 15 minutes, left ear goes dead.
The next morning, I tried them on and again they worked just FINE. Three hours and the sound is perfect. Also between yesterday and today, I spent more than 8 hours listening to them and they are just OK till an hour ago when the left ear went dead again.
I'm very distressed and I really hate to go through the shipping back procedures and all that jazz.
Note: the next day, the vendor emailed me saying the following: "Are you able to double check the headset fault thoroughly?
We are going to replace your headset, however please be advised that admin fees may apply if headset is not faulty"
I still haven't replied but I'm going to email them today.
My question is, what could be the source of this anomaly? Could the scanning of the shipment box have caused a short circuit in the set (left ear)? Remember, there is a nu-metal technology involved with these sets from Ultasone high-end models.
I appreciate your opinions.

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