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Got the Blues?

Discussion in 'Music' started by hpiper, Jan 16, 2016.
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  1. Blueshound24
    Love this song!

    Last edited: Jan 30, 2018
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  2. whirlwind
    I love both Nimmo Brothers!

    I wish they would tour in USA
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  3. Blueshound24
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  4. Blueshound24
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  5. Suneerat
    Steve Guyger - Past Life Blues...YES,i love Blues Harmonica :wink:

    Have these two albums with him:
    Steve Guyger - Past Life Blues & Steve Guyger - Last Train To Dover

    Both very nice albums..
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2018
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  6. jaywillin
    more than a gimmick !

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  7. Blueshound24
    Just got around to listening to this after I ripped it a month ago. Wow! Hardly a stinker in the bunch and is a winner in 2017's Best Contemporary Blues Album.

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  8. Suneerat
    God morning from Thailand.We're having a "coldsnap"here right now,only 13Celcius 06.00 hour this morning..i'm cold but downloading this album right now i Hi-Res...Thanks for the heads up BH.Okey,download finish,now a cuppa of fresh coffee and listen to the album..:wink:Have a great day everyone..:)
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  9. Blueshound24
    And a God Morning to you as well! Enjoy Tajmo!
  10. Blueshound24
    New album from Bernard Allison.
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  11. Suneerat
    Jepp got that album..haven't got time to really listen to it yet.

    Check this album out:
    Johnny Tucker - Seven Day Blues ...catch you later..:)
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  12. Suneerat
    Had some time to really listen to BA's Album..and like it alot..but miss the Harmonica :wink:

    Check this out BH:
    Charlie Musselwhite - Rough Dried: Live At The Triple Door -2008
    R.J. Mischo - Gonna Rock Tonight
    R.J. Mischo - He Came To Play (2006)
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
  13. Blueshound24
    Eddie Shaw, last surviving member of Howlin Wolf's band has passed away, (March 20, 1937 – January 29, 2018). RIP.
    I was at a concert by Tinsley Ellis tonight and where he mentioned Shaw's passing and played part of the show in tribute to him.

  14. musicmac
    Southern avenue... a Memphis band with a blend of gospel-tinged R&B vocals and blues-based guitar work

  15. Blueshound24

    Nice album! I suspect @Suneerat will especially like the Gospel infused vocals here :)
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