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Got some EARBANGER earphones/IEMs from the local swapmeet...

  1. canikickit1
    Anyone else buy stuff from them? They are southern california based, small company, and sell their products via swapmeets and faires.
    Here are the specs:
    Driver type: Dual Dynamic
    Drive Unit: 10mm
    Freq: 15hz-22khz
    They are a small company and claim to have sounds that match the top brands.
    One thing is for certain, I don't have audiophile-like ears and don't really know if they are good or not. Luckily I only spent $35 on these... here is their website. 
    I got the EB Black Wood with NO mic.
    I am willing to ship these phones to anyone willing to give them a clean listen.. and review. 
    I have only heard RE0s. Ety HF3s, and image S4s. The closest thing I can compare these phones to are the S4s, but not as clean...
  2. Alpha & Delta
    i think these are single driver iems not dual dynamic? :)

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