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Got Scammed by ID " KewStone"

  1. wwyssh
    Hello everyone,
    I'm not quite sure if this is the place to post everything, if it's not plz point it and I'll close this thread.
    Recently I was scammed by ID " KewStone", who is right now banned, but not banned back then when I was dealing with him. He had some positive feedbacks before I'm dealing with him. I traded my HM802 for his IM04, but after I received it, it was an empty package. Right now I got his name, address, phone number. Already tried with USPS and they said they cannot retrack international package.
    I'm not sure what to do next. And I'm pretty much sure I'm not seeing my 802 again. I would appreciate any suggestions by you guys.
  2. wwyssh
    Should I put his information here as a warning to warn other HFers?
  3. wwyssh
    I think I have to put his info here since I found some of his other posts on other websites. He's using the name "Kor Weng". 
    Here is his info: 
    52100, KUALA LUMPUR,
    Name: WILSON LOK YUN WOON (as he claimed to be)
    Phone number: +60129318637
  4. earthpeople
    Wow, I actually received a message from him regarding the Noble 6 that I had up for sale -- glad I didn't continue forward with that. 
    Sorry to hear about your situation though. International deals are particularly difficult when things go wrong, unfortunately. 
  5. wwyssh
    I agree, pretty much nothing we can do if it's international, and especially the post office wouldn't be much (any) of help.
  6. snapple10
    Sorry to hear about this
    Seems some scammers do a few legitimate dealings to get positive feedbacks before scamming
  7. wwyssh
    Exactly. In this case I couldn't see a possible way to prevent this, nor have an earlier clue about this until someone is scammed. The bad guys can always put a made-up name and phone number there. 
  8. sathyam
    Sorry about this.
    Personally, I never trade. I always buy through PP. Safe that way.
    Is there a thread to keep an eye fraudulent users?
  9. snapple10
    Yeah, it's a shame some prey on others
    I have successfully traded but might have to save high ticket items for established members with years on here. But then even that can go south
  10. sathyam
    You need to get this user onto here: http://www.head-fi.org/a/beware-of-the-following-scams-and-people-abusing-the-classifieds
  11. wuwhere Contributor
    Some scammers make small deals for good feedbacks then suddenly makes a big transaction. This is always a red flag to me. I've seen it on ebay and I stay away, specially if they are relatively new.
  12. shotgunshane Contributor
    His good feedback was from shell accounts he created. Always check who the people are leaving the feedback too.
  13. snapple10
    ^ good point
    Hope others can benefit from sharing
  14. wwyssh
    Done! Hope others won't have to worry about this again.
  15. wwyssh
    I think the phone number is correct. Is there anything I could do with that? Any suggestions?

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