Got my ER-4s. Comparo to V6, KSC-35, and home system
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May 20, 2003
I just bought a pair of Ety ER-4Ps with an S cable converter. I bought them for two reasons. First, the 4Ps to go with my MZ-E909 MD player for commuting to work (walk and Metro) and for the gym, and second, the 4S for more critical listening when my home system isn't an option.

Picture: My portable stuff

Overall, the 4P out of my MD player sounds good -- much better than my KSC-35s. And the isolation factor cannot be underestimated. If I never heard the 4Ss through my home system, I'd be thrilled with the 4Ps. But with the 4Ss as a reference, I notice the 4P's shortcomings out of my MD. The highs are a little recessed, which is how I guess they are supposed to sound. The bass is ok -- it certianly goes deep, but is lacking in control.

Picture: my home system

Close-up of preamp in headphone mode:

Out of my home system (Anthem AVM-20, which has a pretty good headphone amp built in), the 4Ps change character. The bass becomes much stronger -- even a little bloated. The treble takes on a darker character, and the shelving down of the highs is really apparent. Through the home system, the 4Ss amaze me. Beautifully extended highs, and the bass is flat and deep. The midrange is great, and a close second to my JM Lab Micro Utopias for realism. The deep bass is there, but does not have the tactile presence (especially below 20hz) of my sub, which is flat in-room to 12hz.

Overall, the 4Ps will be fine for commuting and the gym, and the 4Ss will be a treat when my home system is not an option.

Out of the MD player, the 4Ps trounce the KSC-35s, which sound plasticky, with a huge bass hump and early treble roll-off, a very dark upper midrange, and tizzy highs. Out of the MD player, the 4P also beats the V6s. The V6s sound like its treble is turned up in volume, which to an untrained ear may sound like more detail, even though it's not. The V6s bass still impresses, but does not go as deep as the 4Ps.

If it sounds like I'm unimpressd with the 4P out of my MD player, I'm not. I have a critical ear, and am very very picky. Make no mistake -- my MDs never sounded anywhere close to as good as when the 4Ps are in my ears. And out of the home system, the $250 ER-4S comes close to sounding as good as a stereo system that cost a ton more.

Idealsound got the Etys to me in just under 16 hours. Great service!


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