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Got a Mojo, couple of questions when playing thru android phone, sample rates etc

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by citizen13469, Dec 16, 2016.
  1. Citizen13469
    Well, Mojo arrived and plugged into my Honor 8 phone and no problem playing audio. I've used both Rocket Player and Jet. My question is that the volume control on the phone still works and I thought it wouldn't, that volume would be controlled exclusively from the Mojo. Is this normal?
    If it IS normal, where should the volume on the phone be set...at 50%, 100% or something else?
    Also, almost all of my FLAC files are 44.1 so is there any benefit to trying to change to something higher in the Audio Devices setup in the MIDI options on a Mac? I did try to set it to something higher but when I launched jRiver and played a song I noticed that in the Audio Devices setup it was back at 44.1.
    Are there any simple things to do to provide "bit perfect" data going to the Mojo?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Dulalala
    Yes it is normal. Just set the volume on your phone to 100% and control the volume with the Mojo instead.
  3. Citizen13469
    Thank you. Enjoying the Mojo quite a bit. Not sure if the value proposition is totally there for my ears but no denying it's one of the best devices I've ever listened to.
    Bought it to go with a new pair of Nighthawks and like it. Only got the Nighthawks last week and was convinced they were a lot better than my HD650's and HE400's....
    But...odd thing is both the HE400 and HD650 sound so much better now that the Nighthawks may be going back.
    The HE400 has always been almost unlistenable because of the treble spike. Was using it with a Music Streamer II and my Asgard 2. Perhaps it was just a very bad pairing.
    Also, the Mojo has taken my HD650 to new levels. Before was using the HD650 thru Music Streamer II and Asgard 2 as well. At this point (still early days) I'm wondering if paired with the Mojo I prefer both the HE400 and HD650 over the Nighthawks. I do know the Nighthawks are supposed to need 120 hours or so of burn in, so will see how they shape up over the next week.
    Next experiment is using Mojo as DAC only thru the Asgard 2...
  4. Dulalala
    You can't bypass the amp on the Mojo unfortunately though. You can set it to line out though.
  5. Citizen13469
    ahhh, thank  you again. 
  6. noyandemirtas
    with my android phone (samsung note9) i can only use my mojo via USB Audio Player Pro application by using a OTG cable, by using this app i am not able to get any other sound from my phone such as you tube app or other media files on the phone. Can you help me how i can get sound from phone without need of any 3rd party app...

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