Google Pixel help
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Jan 22, 2004
OK, I've tried to read through some threads but I've not found my answer (though I have come close to finding what I suspect).

I'm now on yet another set of IEMs to pair with my Pixel (not the XL). The last were the FiiO EX1s, which had very nice sound but were way to open. Now I;ve moved on to a set of SoundMAGIC E80s. They also sound nice and have my required isolation BUT as with the FiiOs, nowhere near enough volume.

I'm now starting to think (and it seems what I could find suggests the same) that the amp in the Pixel is pretty pitiful. I;d just like someone to confirm. If that's the case then maybe I need to pick up a small amp for long drives (no AC so hot summers means lots of road noise).

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