Good turnables...? And where do I get vinyl?
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Originally Posted by Zuerst /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Is $750 shipped for this Music Hall mmf-7 a good deal?

EDIT: oops forgot the link:

That particular auction is no good IMO. The seller is including a cart that's included in the MMF-5. I would be inclined just to get a new MMF-5.

As far as the more moderately priced TTs, I think the MMF-5 offers a good deal. It sets itself apart from the Pro-jects in that it has a Goldring 1012 GX cart included with it. So for a new, less hassle TT it's one to consider.
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Yeah. They are very nice and a definite step up from the Rega's and Music Hall's etc with a proper suspended subchassis. Good upgrade potential as you can change the tonearm too.

These guys seem to be the experts and have some good resources on set-up

They cost 500 USD in the mid 80s not 700 so the vendor is including the price of the Rega cart which is a bit cheeky because a 2nd hand stylus is always 2nd hand no matter how many hours they claim and should really be replaced. I would offer him 300 and haggle from there especially since it's not 100% cosmetically. In fact offer him 275 without the cart as the Rega Elys was pretty overated anyway and you can do better today.

If you get it, tell him to lock the suspension for shipping, saying he'll set it up for you is pointless as you will need to re-level it yourself after it's been through the post anyway.

Also tell him definitely to remove the platter, arm counterweight and stylus (if you take it) prior to shipping. A good place for a stylus is one of those little plastic tubes which 35mm film comes in with some cotton wool to stop it moving around.

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