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Good sleeping in ear headphones?

  1. Milkk2013
    Can any one recommend good headphones that you use for sleep, around $100.

    (Extra details) I can only sleep on my stomach with my head facing towards my right or left and my ear on the mattress. My favorite in ear headphones (ckm500) stick out too much and they hurt my ears. Only using one side is not an option because it doesn't sound as good and I rip them out of my ears easier.

    I have selected a couple of headphones that look like they might do the job but I'm not sure,I also can't buy them all.
    (Can you recommend any of these?)

    *Westone 1
    *Shure se215
    *ATH IM50

    Sound quality doesn't matter much, just good isolation and comfort.
  2. SteveHiFi
    The SE215 might stick out a little depending on your ears but is comfortable. The Westone 1 is a little smaller, but smaller still is the UM 10 Pro by Westone - these are fairly sharp-sounding so it would depend on what you are listening to. Low bit-rate podcasts will be a pain.
    Maybe smaller dynamic IEMs are more suitable, like the Senn. CX300 or the Dunu DN12..
  3. Knight-Reaper
    I know their not on your list but, I fall asleep wearing Meelectronics M6's.  They sit just about flush with my ears.
  4. xXSjnHassanXx
    Fischer Audio DBA MK II.

    small, low profile, feels like you don't wear earphone at all.

    Cable is though, flat anti tangle cable.

    anyway. just notice your 100usd budget.
    but this one can go cheaper used. quite tough earphone, just very prone to water.
  5. jujuju
    I reguarly fall asleep with my VSONIC GR07's in - they come with an assortment of in ear shapes and are very comfy !! I am not sure how easy they are to buy these days..
    They also have fantastic sound quality as well!!
  6. Nek8888
    Hi, the SE215 should be comfortable to sleep with. I sleep with SE315 and sleep on my side and don't notice them on when sleeping.

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  7. marlonqf
    This topic really interesting me. At moment I am using a Edifier H210p but i know he is not the right choice and really wants one that fits better to sleep by side. Searching for the options listened here. Thanks!
  8. SexySteve
    I can vouch for the se215 being comfortable to sleep with. Every IEM in the shure SExx5 series has negative profile which doesn't make it stick out of you ear(I do have larger ears than average though), but instead fits around the natural shape of your ear. The build quality is also pretty good and with detachable cables and great noise isolation with the shure foam olives it shouldn't disappoint.
  9. marlonqf
    i liked this one, how is side sleeping with it?
  10. Knight-Reaper

    Side sleeping is nice.  You may feel the tips a little bit in your ears, but not enough to keep you awake.
    I use Sony 'Hybrid' tips and forget that I'm wearing them as I fall asleep.
  11. sofastreamer
    best side sleeping experience by a large margin is offered by the hifiman re400 and re600. their soundquality is also hard to beat within their Price range.
  12. Gandasaputra
    I have low-profile IEMs like the cheap $9 Sony MDR-EX10 and $7 Philips SHE3590 (must be worn with Sony's hybrid) and I could sleep well regardless of the sleep position. Their sound is highly non-fatiguing, as long as you don't crank up the volume. Oh, they isolate very well too. The Yamaha EPH-30 has highly comfortable tips and flush to your ear easily but their big-bass and shimmery treble, and less noise isolating may not be your IEM for sleeping.
  13. danalive
    Hey everyone,
    Hoping someone reads this new question...
    I'm looking for an updated discussion on low profile canalphones/IEMs at around $110 USD. I want to be able to sleep on my side with them in - so good isolation and sound quality (for the price obviously!).
    I've seen these: http://headphones.com.au/psingle?productID=867
    Any other recommendations? :)

  14. kdava
  15. wolfjeanne
    Those names... They are hilarious haha
    And those sleepphones make you look pretty daft.

    Anyhow, Dan I think there are quite some options mentioned above. Shure SRH215's being a very reputable one.

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