good sale on a celery disk server system
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Oct 10, 2008
mine came last week and the sale is back on again, today. item # N82E16859117003

its a cel420 cpu inside, ddr2 512mb of ram, 4 disk slots (rubber isolated), small PSU, custom mobo, 2 small fans that vary based on temp.

note, NO video card and only a pin header for serial. its meant to be used as an 'appliance', web-reachable only.

I hacked mine by installing full ubuntu linux on a disk on another system. then I left eth0 (network) unconfigured so that it auto-discovers it on first 'install' in the server. if you set things up right, you'll be able to ssh to the box and do what you want from there.

the os that comes with it runs on a DOM (disk on module), which is just an ide 44pin plug with flash ram on it and PIO mode only (no dma) so its slow as can be. boot-only, really. I ignore mine and use a sata port instead for the o/s.

the hardware is high class; ich7r for drives, intel eepro1000 gig-e for network and 945 chipset (old but still good enough). one pci-e 1lane slot which some people hook up a minimal video card (with flex cable) to, to do a local windows install.

for a 3 drive (1tb each) raid5 in software, I'm getting about 200MB/sec on disk i/o test. quite acceptable for a $150 class NAS box. and unlike other cheap nas systems, this one has a true gig-e chipset and cpu that can fill that pipe.

anyway, a heads up that its back on sale again today. they sometimes come down to this price (150 with free shipping) but not that often.

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