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Good Portable Sony Headphones $50-$150

  1. Ezio
    hey guys!
    Just asking, ay suggestions on Sony headphones within  the $50-$150 price range? if so. thanks!
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    One can assume the headphones are for a portable audio device or smart phone?
    Do you like your music bassy?
    Prefer vocals?
  3. JK1
    Why just Sony? The Sony V6 is $69 with free US shipping from B&H. It is a classic. Many have been using the same one for over 20 years. That is how durable it is.
    If you can buy a different brand, then get the JVC HAS400 for around $25. The HAS400 has great detail.
    Some people change the earpads on these to velour ones for greater comfort, and less sweaty ears. It decreases the bass though, and costs around $20-$25 for a pair.
  4. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I have the Sony MDR-V6s, but I do prefer to use my JVC HA-S500-Z (Gunmetal Gray) folding headphones.
    So a +1 on the HA-S400s.
  5. Ezio
    I prefer Rock\Acoustic\Live type. and yes, they will be on a smartphone.
  6. Ezio
    It has to be Sony because that is the brand selected for our project.
  7. JK1
    It depends on the smartphone. Some might not power the V6  that well, and you might need a small portable amp like the Fiio E6. Perhaps you should consider the Sony ZX700. The ZX700 is only 24 ohms 106 db/mw, while the V6 is 63 ohms and
    106 db/mw, so the ZX700 will be easier to drive with a very low power source. The V6 is more neutral, while the ZX700 has a bit more bass.
  8. Ezio
    An amp isnt a prob. I might get a Fiio E7 once i buy one.

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