Good portable and Dorm Headphone
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Sep 28, 2004
I own a pair of Grado SR-60, I am very impressed with them. The only problem is that they are open so sound is shared with everyone. I need them for my dorm for when my roomate is asleep and plus i like the sound of headphones. This leads me to need a set of closed headphones. THe application for these headphones are watching movies, playing games, and listening to MP3s from my computer (Nvida N Force audio). I would also like some headphones that are somewhat portable because i also have an iPod. My budget can described as about $175 and down. I have been looking at the Sennheiser HD 25s but a thread was started about them being the flavor of the month and not being that great just recommended in bunches. I have no way of listening to the HD 25s. I have been looking at the Sennheiser HD 280 pros and the Sony MDR-V6. I have read about the Audiotechnica A500s as well. I really can't choose because i won't have an opportunity to listen to them. Maybe i can hear the Sonys at circuit city. Any experiences would be good.

Jon Brasher
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well, most people don't consider the a700 or any of that line "portable", but if you wanna go walk around campus with some huge headphones on your head thats up to you.

If you weren't looking for portability I would defenitly suggest either the a500 or a700 for your budget. In fact I just moved from my MS-1's to a900's because of a noisy environment and am extremely happy with them.

as far as any other suggestions I can't really help you out because I haven't been fortunate enough to try out all kinds of can's.
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I only have experience with the PX-200's and HD-25's but I will say this: While everyone realises that the HD-25 is a FOTM, one thing is fact: For a portable, sealed can, there's none better. Are there cans that sound better for the same price? Yes. Are there cans more portable for the same price? Yes. Are there any that sound as good, and are portable, AND sealed, at any price? not that I've read about on here.

Look, the HD-25's are a bit bassy. They're a LITTLE dark, but detailed. And yes, the highs DO shine without getting bright. Personally, it's a sound I enjoy immensely, and I don't regret getting them at all.
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Hmm. Well, I'd recommend the HD25 if it weren't for the fact that they aren't very good for movies or games (as they don't have much of a soundstage). But then again, Grados don't have any soundstage either, and if you're satisfied with your SR60 for movie watching or gaming, then HD25 should be good enough as well...
Basically, what do you mean by portable? Are you willing to use full-size headphones portably?
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im in college now and i own Koss protapros and ATH-A900's.

i also have a killer speaker system (better then any other freshman i know), Polk RT15i's and a prototype polk sub RM1000.

The koss's work great for around campus, and durning quite hours the ATH-A900's provide tons of sound.

Personally, i think its perfect.

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