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Good Over-the ear headphones for ~$150

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by clee290, Nov 27, 2010.
  1. clee290
    Hey everyone, so I am looking for a nice pair of over-the-ears for around $150. I listen to hiphop/rap/rnb/reggae/dancehall/a bit of techno/dance. Any suggestions?
    I've been looking into the AKG K701's, though they are a little higher than my budget. Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. clee290
  3. Riku540
    Have you looked at the other threads like yours? Most will probably recommend the Audio-Technica M50.
  4. tdockweiler
    Are you going to be using them with an amp?
    If not I'd suggest the Shure SRH-440. If you can find the SRH-840 for under $150 I'd get those instead. The SRH-440 is a better fit for many people, including me due to a smaller headband. Don't let anyone tell you the SRH-840 is bass light, because it's definitely not true. Maybe compared to the M50! The SRH-840 does have more bass then the 440 though.
    The M50 would be another idea, but I ended up with the AKG k240 after selling them. Those are semi-open and another headphone to consider. They're not portable though. They have the best comfort out of any headphone under $150.
  5. clee290
    Thanks for the suggestions guys! I'll check them out :)

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