Good music that's available for free? Legally?
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Jul 15, 2008
As in 100% unquestionably legal? Of any genre? I'll start by recommending Anacrusis, they have put some of their stuff up in their website. I highly recommend everyone to check out Screams and Whispers + Manic Impressions, these 2 are easily among the most underrated metal classics ever:

Anacrusis Albums
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Mar 17, 2008

you'll have access to one of the most complete music libraries on the internet (i think it's more complete than e.g. iTunes). it's streamed live and I think it's 160 kbit ogg.

completely legal and supported by an occasional ad between songs (maybe 10-20 seconds every 4-8 songs).

the problem is you need an invite. i don't have any for you guys but i signed up on their waiting list a couple of months ago and got my invite yesterday.

you can also pay about $12 per months for unlimited access to ad-free music.

there are clients available for windows and mac. and the windows version runs perfectly under wine in e.g. linux (i'm running it in ubuntu right now).
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Aug 25, 2007
Carcarciass - excellent technical death metal in the vein of later-era Death. You can download their albums for free, get "Killing Process" first!

Carcariass website

Heathen - one of pioneering Bay Area thrash metal bands, with a more progressive flair to their sound. "Breaking The Silence" and "Victims of Deception" are thrash metal classics, you can download them for free off of their website.

The Official HEATHEN Website!

Dawn of Tears - melodic death metal from Spain, sort of a cross between Dark Tranquillity and Kalmah. While not the most original sound, they do perform the style very well. Their debut album "Descent" is available for free download.

.:: - Download Descent ::.

Demilich - abstract, technical death metal. They disbanded after releasing only one album, the untouchable "Nespithe". Their sound was far ahead of their time...bizarre, on the brink of total chaos. A complete mindtrip, I guarantee you have never heard a band like this. Antti Bowman's vocals have to be heard to be believed, though it's a matter of debate if they were altered during recording. You can download Nespithe along with other promos and demos at their website. And best thing is, it's available in FLAC!!!

Demilich - Download

End of Man - vicious thrash metal from my homeland. In the style of Anthrax and Forbidden, this will get your head banging. Joey de Guzman sings in the vein of Joey Belladonna, and the rest of the band is as tight as hell. Download their self-titled EP now!
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Apr 23, 2005
I think is pretty good for listening to free and legal music.
We don't need invite or client and it's free .
They get the legal permission to play the musics from the copyrights owners then put the authorized tracks on their site for streaming only, so we actually get to hear many know and unknown bands.
The quality of most tracks isn't great though
but when possible I use that if I want to check a cd before buying it.
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Uncle Erik

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Mar 18, 2006
Another vote for There's nothing better online.

Offline, there's nothing better than cheap vinyl. Sometimes free. Hit up garage sales and junk stores. Often they'll let you have a stack or a box full for a few dollars. Turntables pay for themselves; limited edition 180g audiophile pressings are not necessary to reap the benefits.
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May 18, 2008

Originally Posted by FalconP /img/forum/go_quote.gif
People who enjoy Celtic music can download one free mp3 every week from the Green Linnet label's website.

Thanks - hadn't heard of that one. I'm looking forward to checking that out. has a slew of free downloads on their site.
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Feb 29, 2008
I know what you are going to say but.....

all of Evanescence's pre-Fallen work can be downloaded for free and legally.

Their underground stuff is far better than their mainstream and is in fact, very well recorded and can even satisfy the audiophiles in you as they are much more varied in their music in their underground stuff. They also sound much more 'gothic' as well than their pseudo-gothic mainstream stuff.
Frequent use of piano, organs, and synthesisers.

Their underground stuff is a joy to listen to. Mainstream not so much.

I recommend the 'Origin' album.

Uploaded a couple of songs off that album for you (in FLAC, off original CD):

Field of Innocence

Eternal (Instrumental)

Listen before you pre-judge.

Anyway, if you like it, some awesome fan who got all of their underground CD's ripped them to FLAC (with CUE files) for all to enjoy:

Torrent download: Evanescence - Pre-Fallen Discography - Origin & The EPs FLAC Torrent - btjunkie

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