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Good earphones for a good price?

  1. dancooper93
    My budget is around £100 GBP, I am looking for some good earphones but I have no idea where to start to look, could anyone help me in finding some for my price, thanks so much in advance!
  2. dancooper93
    I listen to all types of music and will occasionally watch films with them, I have found a few which are:
    Phonak Audéo PFE 022's
    Westone UM1's
    and Head Direct RE0's
    Are any of these good, and do you have any alternatives?
    I will be using them at the gym and running so the fit is also quite important, many thanks again!
  3. Huxley
    Most certainly the yamaha eph-100.
    I find them great all rounders, and just as good for tv/films.
    And i use them fine in the gym, they will slip if it gets silly wet, but honestly all iem's i've owned do this, the yammies have been the best uiem for me in this regard.
  4. SashimiWu
    I have personally owned the RE0's before and I absolutely loved them.  Everything about them was wonderful in terms of sound quality and signature.  They offer a detailed, rich, and warm sound at a very good price though it was lacking in bass.  
    However, both pairs that I had bought broke on me within 6 months and I did not want to pay for them again.  To be fair I do treat my earphones roughly so its definitely my fault but I believe that a lot of people have had problems with them.
    I have also heard similar accusations for the Phonaks so be careful if you wish to purchase them.
  5. dancooper93
    OK thank you for the advice, I am also considering buying a cheaper pair, I am currently looking at SoundMAGIC E10 and E30's.. these will also be used for music and films, again I will be using these at the gym, which are better in terms of sound quality and fit, can I wear both over the ear?

    As for the most expensive I think I am going to go for the Yamaha's, thanks again!
  6. cique
    If you will spent more time in GYM than others I wont advice PFE. PFE is very good iems but in gym you will sweat to much and PFE's filters will affect nad the ear tips isolation will reduce. So, dont go GYM with PFE's.
  7. dancooper93

    OK, I won't be using the expensive ones too much in the gym, I will be using the cheaper ones more for day to day listening, also, I am not a heavy sweater when I run/at the gym so that shouldn't be too much if a problem, but thank you for that!
  8. dancooper93
  9. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I can second the Yamaha's.

    Great all rounder, isolates well, you'll be hard up finding better value for your money at the moment.

    You could also look at Vsonic GRO7 or if you want to stretch your budget a little Triple-fi 10 are very good as well especially for music and movies.
  10. Techno Kid
    Best value in your price range is the Rockit R-50 hands down.  I have the EPH-100 and while its a good IEM its not better than the R-50.  Better over all sound quality and soundstage, the only thing the Yamaha's have over the R-50 is more bass but that doesn't mean better bass.  I think joker got it spot on in his review of the EPH-100 and the 8.9 score for the SQ is right on imo but I'd give the R-50 a score around 9.2 or 9.3 and for a $120 IEM that really good.  You really can't go wrong with a TWFK based IEM imo, thats one hell of a good driver.
  11. Deviltooth
    For the gym I just switched to Soundmagic E30s.  I sweat or the IEMs get caught on a weight etc... I never use headphones that cost more than $40 for the gym, they have a very limited lifespan.
  12. dancooper93
    I have bought the soundmagic e10's and used the at the gym and am very happy with the fit and the sound quality for the price! very happy!

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