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Good earphones for $25 or less?

  1. Critical50
    For a present. If they had a mic on it, that'd be great, if not, thats fine.
  2. poikkeus
    Time is a consideration, since some devices might not be available for you by the holidays.
    As a gift, the Xiaomi ear speakers really make a statement; superb look and very good sound. Superb packaging. Excellent look and feel, though slightly microphonic. Balanced sound, though slightly warmish; mic works well with a variety of devices. The only problem that a shipment from China may not arrive in time for gifting. Beware of knockoffs; buy only by trusted, authorized dealers.
    The Symphonized NRG ear speakers are also $25, and have an attractive wood body, warm and concise sound, and a good build. No mic.
    The Sony MDR-EX37B has nice styling, and an even better sound. The cables are a bit thin, and therefore prone to knotting and kinking. But this may be the best sounding inexpensive earbuds around - balanced, no bass bloat, no distortion (even at high volume). No mic.
    I'm doubtful the Xiaomi would be available by Xmas, though it's the most "gifty" and rich-sounding of the three. 
    Symphonized is a nice-sounding pair of earbuds, and the wood gives an appealing warmth. 
    The sound of the Sony is excellent, especially at the price, but the thin cable makes longevity a potential issue. 
    Post back with your choice!
  3. Critical50
    I need the earphones pretty soon, so the Xiaomi is a no.

    On Amazon the NRG Ear Speakers had a couple reviews saying good audio quality, but one earphone would go out on them. Even after getting a replacement by the company.

    Ive had experience with Sonys earphones before, they have decent quality and comfort, and one of their earphones I bought for $20 (may even be the same model, I bought it at like Walmart or Target though, they kinda look the sam) and they lasted for a whole year. And I would blast the volume on them quite a lot. So, I'm going with the Sony MDR.


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