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  1. QualitySound
    I got my mom some Pinnacle PX's (massdrop Mee audio P1's) for Christmas and now I'm looking for a dap to compliment them. They have pretty low sensitivity so something with higher current would be nice. She's not very good with tech stuff and UI's, and she is easily annoyed by long load times. What's a good choice in your guys' opinions? I was looking at the Fiio X3 Mk iii, but everything I've read is the gapless doesn't work on it, flac files aren't working and the user interface is confusing, plus someone said it had a 4000 song limit, and it's limited to 4-5 mb/s download speeds.

    Main features I'm looking for: It doesn't have to have the best amp, but good enough for the low sensitivity IEM's, a good user interface, reasonably responsive UI and download speeds, sturdy construction.

    You can say "cheap daps aren't worth it" but when she listens to music, she hides her phone so there's no distractions. Having a separate device is worth it to her (right now she has a $28 MP3 player that only holds 100 songs) and I wanted to get her into hifi, and actually be able to hold the thousands of songs I have on my computer (download them to SD card)
  2. QualitySound
  3. cossix
    I don't use the headphone output because I pair it with the A5 amp, but the FiiO X3 2nd gen is a great pick! It accepts a pretty decent capacity SD card and is easy to use. The only downside is that the screen is hard to see in direct sunlight. But you can use it as a usb DAC if you wish, and transferring songs is drag and drop.
  4. QualitySound
    I was referencing the Gen 3, named Mkiii that was released about 3 weeks to a month ago, seems to have a lot of problems and I really don't want to get a 3 year old dap for $200, I'd rather get something newer, or get something under $100 if it's older
  5. cossix
    Ah I misread that part apparently. Despite the design being older, I think the gen 2 is pretty damn good and easy to use. Haven't seen the gen 3 though.
  6. chillaxing
    have a look at the cayin n3. i haven't used it but a lot of praise for it.
  7. Raketen
    I haven't used the current A30/A40 versions but the Sony Walkmen tend to have very polished UI, the price fluctuating between 150 and 230 recently, may be able to find A20 walkmen for similar prices too. The Cowon Plenue D is good for EQ/DSP effects.

    Other models I can think of: Cayin N3, Shanling M1 and M2s. Hidizs Ap60, Ap100.
    The older Fiio X5ii and X3ii are still available for under 200 also, supposedly the firmware is much more finished on these than the newer x1ii and x3iii.
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  8. mingus
    i need a DAP for digital out only to my DAC.
  9. Danger Mouse
    Shanling M2s definitely for the lower end (price wise). Great sound, very easy to use and quick too :)

    Takes a micro SD card, plays FLAC files beautifully and fairly good battery life as well.
  10. chimney189
    A used Cowon Plenue D

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